Just Write the Damn Thing!

Moonday Mania

Which today should be entitled Moonday Madness.

I’ve been re-editing my first mansuscript since 2010. Over and over. Okay, so usually I just hop in and address a part of it, but it’s been through two total re-writes and I’m just finishing up a third. Madness. Truly madness.

When is a book finished? When do you hit send to that editor or decide it’s ready for the self-publishing round? Is it ever truly finished?

I think the answer is no. Real writers want to fix, fix, fix. But should we?

Kristen Lamb (author of one of my favorite books We Are Not Alone) addressed this in one of her recent blogs. Here is the link and the quote:


If you read Seth Godin’s Linchpin (which I highly recommend), he says one of the marks of a true artist is real artists ship. We let go. We sell the painting, burn the CD or publish the book and then move on to the next.Saturday Night Live happens no matter what. Good or bad, they ship.

One of the biggest problems I have seen with writers is they keep working and reworking and reworking the first book. In the new paradigm? They publish. If it is a super stinker they pull it and pray people forget. If it’s so-so, they leave it, but best of all, if they are smart, they move on and write more books. One of the largest barriers to becoming a successful writer is trying to be a perfect writer. The new paradigm gives new writers a way to ship so they can move forward and write more books and better books.

This blog was actually about the boons of self-publishing, but I read the above words and it struck me. Time to let the baby go out into the world. It’s not as if I haven’t let the other children out to play, Little Red Riding Wolf got sent out. Even though I wasn’t sure it was ready. And even though I read it now and I think, oh.. wait! And I’ve sent out Snow and the Seventh Wolf. Even though I kept thinking I could work on it some more. Just a tweak here and there would do it. But this one needed more help. It was my first manuscript so it had all the issues a first manuscript has. The characters needed more depth, the villain was cardboard. Too much description and not enough action.

Well all of that has been fixed now. OR at least as fixed as it’s gonna be. I’m sending it out into the world to sink or swim. Swim little fishy!

How are you with sending your babies out into the world? Artist? Writer? Parent? We all need a push now and then, what pushed you? Have you take the risk?


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6 responses to “Just Write the Damn Thing!

  1. I have just revised my current MS with a brand new ending. Yes, I understand the need to let go.

    • OMG, it is so hard to jump in and revise. I have been ignoring my second book in a series that I have polished and re-polished the first one. I’m still polishing the first one, but now I’m ready to go back in and totally re-write the 30K plus that I started for the second one. This is the life, re-working what we already thought was great, at least we thought so yesterday. 🙂

  2. Right on, Jessica! I can soooooo relate.

  3. Your little fishy will swim, Jessica. Love your work!

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