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I’m off at RWA Nationals and hope I’m having a blast. That’s right. All of my blogs this week are pre-written and pre-scheduled. Love WordPress! Leaving you today with Links that I Love, paranormal style! Grave Tells is an amazing resource for paranormal readers. If you don’t already check them out, here is your chance. They review books, and they don’t give spoilers, so that right there is a bonus. But they also have contests and let their readers tell you which ones they love. I like that even better. This is a huge advantage to a reader because not only do you get the reviewer’s it’s all good, you also get to see which books the readers love.

For another great review site check out . Not only do they have a fantastic raven picture for their header, free giveaways, but they have a good reviewing system for urban fantasy and beyond, including paranormal for both adult and young adult.

If you haven’t discovered now is the time to drop in. They are currently looking for reviewers to read books. This is a great deal for readers, while there is no money involved, on sites like this usually the books are free. Free reading and a chance to share your opinion with other fans of paranormal fiction? If I had any time to read, I would be right on this opportunity.

Now this one isn’t a paranormal fiction site, it’s for the true paranormal lovers. . . Looking for a site on witches? Scroll on down and you’ll discover . Need something about haunted houses, check out Top Paranormal sites is where you will find links to all kinds of sites including monsters, ghosts, and other supernaturals.

Enjoy your journey through the paranormal internet!


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4 responses to “Like-a-Lotta-Links!

  1. Thanks for all the review sites! I bet you’re having a blast at RWA Nationals!

    • Hi Lori,
      Tried to reply from Nationals, but internet was screwy. Thanks for dropping by, yes I did have a blast! Great experience and I hope I get to go again some time. Glad you enjoyed the review sites!

  2. Enjoy the conference, Jessica. Carole, Gloria and I are having our own Nationals right here in my home!

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