Ten Life Savers for Convention Survival

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Cal-i-for-n-i-a here I come!

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I’m off to Anaheim for RWA’s National Convention on Tuesday and I hope I’m prepared. I’m not sure what to expect. There are so many workshops I want to attend, and there is not enough time to get to all of them. Even with five days, there won’t be enough time. My CRW buddies and I are flying in a day early to take advantage of Anaheim’s number one tourist attraction, Disneyland. I’ve been to Disney World many times, but never to Disneyland. In fact, I’ve only been to California once, so I’m pretty excited.

But the big attraction for me is the RWA convention. Disneyland for romance writers. There are more than one hundred workshops. How am I ever going to choose the paltry two to four per day I’m going to be able to attend? Round tables, book signings, panels. It’s going to be a smorgasbord of craft, career, publishing and life topics that I know I will want to gorge on until I collapse.

That’s why I need a plan.Free Stock Photos - Girl

Not a plan for what workshop I want to go to. No, I can decide on the day if I need to. No, I need a plan for taking care of myself. What am I going to eat? How can I make sure I get enough rest? Do I have down time scheduled? And what about working out?

I managed to make it through Rom Con, but I had a killer migraine. And that was only a few days. This is almost a week. My husband is already rumbling at me about taking care of myself. That is usually one of the things he takes on, not that I’m not a big girl and can’t remind myself to drink enough water or to eat breakfast. But he’s a sweetie and worries.

So instead of worrying about which workshops I want to go to, I’m getting my plan in place.

Number one: I’m looking up online to see if there is a grocery store nearby. I’m planning on stocking my room with a fruitbowl, oatmeal and soy milk, so I can have a healthy breakfast before hitting the RWA sweet rolls and coffee.

Number two: I’m taking a water bottle, the kind that has a filter on the top, so I can refill from the water fountains and not worry about spending ten dollars a day on water.Free Stock Photo - Glass of water

Number three: I’m stocking my personal pharmacy so this time I’m not begging for Tylonal from strangers. Not that I didn’t appreciate every one of you who generously opened your purses to me, but I still should be prepared.

Number four: I’m practicing saying NO. I need to make sure I get sleep and that means leaving the party at a reasonable hour.

Number five: I have a plan for what I’m eating, and I need to stick to it. RWA has made a real effort this year to have healthy lunches, I need to make the same effort to not treat every meal as a vacation. If I do that, I’ll be in bed by Thursday afternoon with a migraine, and that is not any fun. No dessert is worth that!

Number six: I’m going swimsuit shopping. I will bring the workout clothes, who knows, I may even work out. But I will definitely take advantage of the double bonus of working out and relaxing that the pool offers. Summer in CA, I’ll be in the pool for sure!

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Number seven: I’m making a packing list. I am not going to stress out on the day of my flight, in the airport, that I forgot my contact solution or whatever. A list will help, maybe?

Number eight: I am pre-printing everything I need for travel and putting it in one folder that I can fit into my carry on. And then I am emailing myself back ups, so I can print them off if I need to. Plan, and emergency plan. Check!

Number nine: Comfortable shoes. I have heard the experts and this is a must to survive the conference.

Last but not least, Number ten: Getting my ducks in a row at home. I’m pre-posting all my blogs. I’m getting the house clean, so maybe it will be clean when I get back? (No, this is not wishful thinking. Jeff usually cleans the day before I get home and has fresh flowers for me. Yes, I am spoiled.)

Well that’s all folks! Wish me luck. Anything that I’ve missed that you can help me with? Any last minute travel advice like your favorite trip accessory?


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4 responses to “Ten Life Savers for Convention Survival

  1. A big YES to keeping up that water intake, staying hydrated will help ward off the headaches!

    Number Eleven: Pack nuts for protein, Jessica. Keep a container in your purse and grab a handful at intervals thru out the day. Bonus, you’ll eat less at meals.

    Number Twelve: Hug Margie for me! WOOT!

    • Lots of hugs all around. And a big YES to the nuts! I should bring a big CostCo container of almonds, stash it in my suitcase and nosh on them the whole weekend. Great tip Sherry!

  2. You’ve got a great list of survival tips here. I think I need to keep some of these in mind for business travel! Have FUN.

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