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As many of you know, I love book trailers. I’m definitely going to have one for my next release, Snow and the Seventh Wolf, when it comes out in 2013. In the meantime I have become a book trailer junkie, scoping out my friends book trailers and sighing enviously over their gorgeous scenery, lovely music, and all those hot men with six-pack abs.

So it’s no wonder that when I saw that two of my favorite authors had gotten together and put together a book trailer I sashayed right on over to YouTube and got that puppy up and running. But oh, no baby, I was not prepared.

Not prepared for the absolute gorgeousness of the scenery, the sound, the man.

And I really wasn’t prepared for the…da-da-da-da!


Yes, you got it right. This is film, baby!

I love Pamela Clare‘s books. Not that I’ve read her historicals, I haven’t. I’ve only read her absolutely amazing suspense series. So I’m unfamiliar with the McKinnon’s Ranger series, but if you read historical I have it on the best authority that these books are just the same high quality as Pamela’s suspense. And of course, they are full of hot Scotsman. What more could a romance reader want?

Well, you might want to see that same hot Scotsman running through the woods in a live action shot. Picture Last of the Mohicans and you’ve got the idea. Pamela got together with Jenn LeBlanc, whose illustrated historicals have made history themselves, and the two of them (and a few other people) got together and WAMMO! a live action book trailer.

Okay, I’ve teased you enough. Enjoy!

And, just for fun here are the covers to the entire MacKinnon series. Check out Pamela’s Books too!

Pamela Clare's Surrender

Defiant by Pamela Clare


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6 responses to “Wowza! Pamela Clare’s Defiant

  1. Wowza is a good way to put it. That book trailer is incredible. My sister is a huge Pamela Clare fan and has read a series, but I don’t think she’s read this one.

    • Pamela Clare’s real investigative reporter background is one of the reasons why her suspense is so amazing. She has been in some hair raising situations and has truly put that tension on the page. It sounds like she has managed to keep that tension and put it into the historicals as well. I can’t wait to read them. Plus I love her heroes! Gorgeous!

  2. As if Pamela’s covers weren’t enticing enough. Impressive.

    • I know! She and Jenn did a fabulous job. Jenn’s illustrated books are worth an entire post by themselves. Good thing I do whatever I want on Sensational Saturdays! Or maybe she should be a Monday post, her books are a different way to approach publishing.

  3. Who doesn’t love a hot Scotsman running half-naked through the woods on the rescue? Great book trailer! Great name too 🙂

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