The Dead Series is Reborn From the Ashes

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dead awake by lizzie t leafOne of my fellow Colorado Romance Writers, LizzieT. Leaf has been writing romance for several years. Lizzie has a terrific dry sense of humor and is known for her “humor with heat”. Some of her first books became the very popular Dead Series, that has been out of print for awhile. I read Dead Awake under it’s first incarnation and I’m excited to say it will be available July 21st from MUSA Publishing, and will be followed soon after by Dead FaintDead Hunter, and Dead Memory.

Lizzie will be a guest on Paranormal Freebies on August 17th, but if you want to know more, definitelyjoin Lizzie on the Rising From the Ashes Blog Tour kicking off July 9th. For dates and locations check out Lizzie’s Blog HERE . Prizes available.

Dead Awake

After a night of passion Deb Stein wakes up to the scent of pine and the discovery her life has changed forever. Now instead of the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs, she’s in the spotlight as Dovey Divine, who takes it off for a room full of lusting strangers. Her goal now is revenge on the man who turned her into one of the living dead. 

Aaron Lowell’s one night stand left him consumed with guilt in taking his partner to the dark side. He knows she’s out for blood…his…and he can’t blame her anymore than he can forget her.

dead faint by lizzie t leaf

Dead Faint

Billie Joyce’s life-time dream of visiting New York City comes true, but the life changing experience is totally different than what she anticipated.
The blonde angel who saved her from death is one of the living dead and now, so is Billie Joyce. Problem is, she faints at the sight of blood. To make things more frustrating, she has to contend with a man who can find nothing right with her. Of course, he would have to be the one who creates more sensations in her body than she ever had when she was alive.
Marcus fights his attraction to the lavender eyed beauty who talks like she stepped out of My Fair Lady. After all, he’s no Henry Higgins, plus he got over the sex thing centuries ago. Besides, as the new King of the Vampires, who has time for women?

Dead Hunter

dead hunterArie Anne Hews is a trained vampire hunter out for the kill. A chance meeting with the hated beings has Arie in turmoil. Especially, when handsome Dr. Jonas Nickels is on the scene.

Jonas Nickels has no desire to be involved with a mortal, but can’t resist the dark-eyed beauty. Even if he is on her hit list.

Family secrets tinged with evil make an impossible path for star-crossed lovers.

Dead Memory

dead memory by lizzie t leafDiscovering an unconscious man who may be vampire, in the neighbor’s yard leads werewolf Tawny Howls down a love path that’s not going to make her father happy. She senses this man is different, but that doesn’t stop her attraction. Werewolves and vampires are traditional enemies, and it doesn’t help when he remembers nothing about his prior life. 

Awakening to find a beautiful woman hovering over him, he remembers nothing of his past life. When Tawny decides to call him David, he’s fine with the name and the attention he receives from his nurse. But why does the scent of the prey she hunts excite him more than the food she cooks? 
Can the strong attraction between a shifter and a vampire overcome years of distrust for each other’s species? Will the discovery of his true identity ensnare them in a battle that endangers their lives, in an effort to save mankind from Demon rule?

Let me know if any of you are familiar with Lizzie’s writing. Do you like snarky heroines put into hysterical situations? Do you read funny paranormal? What funny paranormal authors have you read besides Lizzie’s books and what do you like about them?


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4 responses to “The Dead Series is Reborn From the Ashes

  1. This is the second time I’ve seen her books in the spotlight. The Dead series sound terrific.

    • You got in on the WHOOPS, I had two blogs accidentally scheduled last Thursday, so I took Lizzie’s books down and am really spotlighting them today. This is what happens when you work a day job as well as write and try to get other stuff done, you get a little crazy!

  2. I won Lizzie’s book, Beyond Magic… I believe I won it here or on Paranormal Freebies. And now, head lowered in shame, must confess, tantalizing as the cover and blurb were, I was mid-book. I loaned Beyond Magic to my daughter, who read it and loved it, and now, I can’t get it back!

    Lizzie, that there is a compliment in disguise.

    Great blurbs, I can’t imagine any paranormal romance reader not wanting to hang out with your dead.

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