#RomCon 2012, The Aftermath

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I survived Rom Con 2012. I need the t-shirt.

Totally unprepared for what I was about to go through, I left my job 45 minutes early, thinking that would help me get organized. Because I truly wasn’t organized.

Melissa Mayhue, ML Guida, Jessica Aspen, Hillary Seidl

Melissa Mayhue, ML Guida, Jessica Aspen, Hillary Seidl

Even though I had signed up for Rom Con 2012 in August of last year, I had never attended a promotional event like this as an author. I’d attended as a reader. And they are different. Readers are there to be entertained. To have fun. To get to know their favorite authors, meet some new ones, and maybe get a little loose.

Jessica Aspen mints

Jessica Aspen Mints and stickies

Authors are there to meet readers and have fun, but really we’re there to spread the word about ourselves and our books. As fun as that is (and it really was fun) it’s still a lot of work. I should have started about three months ahead of time, strategically planning my swag orders and my appearances. What I would wear, and what my image should be. I didn’t do any of that. I winged it. And I had a blast!

But it was draining, and I want to thank everyone who supplied me with the asprin, Tylonal and Advil to get through my migraine. My buddies came through for me, even though we never quite managed the buddy meet, they were fantastic! Thanks ladies!

Do’s and Don’ts for the next author promo event.

Little Red Riding Wolf chocolate postcard

Little Red Riding Wolf postcard with kisses

Do buy swag. I have a terrible time deciding what to buy and how much to spend. As a working author every dollar counts, so where is the best place to put your money? If I had to do it again I would buy something small, like pens, to shower the event with. I had the mints, and they were great. Everyone liked them, and I would definitely do them again. And the chocolates stapled to the postcards were also a hit. Everyone loves chocolate, although maybe not the night of the Chocolate Mangasm event!

Do fork out the money and bring print books.

Rom Con is full of dedicated readers, and they all have e-devices, so I thought my books on a disk would be attractive. But they all went for the print books with their shiny covers first. It took me talking and handing them out to readers to get them into their hands, but that’s the better way anyhow. Readers are there to get to know you and they want a personal connection. They were all so nice and friendly. Great people to go have fun with. We rocked the casino event and I’m keeping secrets about the chocolate mangasm event, shh!

Jessica Aspen and Hillary Seidl at Chocolate Mangasm, Rom Con 2012

Jessica Aspen and Hillary Seidl at Chocolate Mangasm, Rom Con 2012

Do have fun!

No matter what you are there to have fun with a fun group of readers. And authors are readers too, so enjoy the event, make new friends and have a blast! I hope to see all my new friends next year! WOOT!

Have you ever gone to a reader event? What swag do you like to take home? Candy, bookmarks? Books?


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11 responses to “#RomCon 2012, The Aftermath

  1. Thanks for the tips–I’ve been whimpering this whole weekend about missing RomCom, so am saving my pennies now to go next year. Thanks for a great post!

  2. It only took one conference to hook me, Jessica, and that was Dreamin’ in Dallas in 2011. And then, Atlanta’s Moonlight & Magnolias in the fall. And then, I blew my conference budget.

    The good news? There are so many fantastic writers’ conferences around the world. No shortage of inspiration, friends, or swag!

    I have my eye on RWA Nationals 2013. And then there’s 2014, a new little conference in… where was it? Colo-something. Perhaps you know the conference to which I refer. Forsooth.

    • Hmmm, What conference might that be? You know, we are thinking of having it possibly at the Stanley Hotel. And is it a coincidence that you just blogged about how haunted the Stanley is? I’ll let you know once we have it together. But reader cons are different from writer cons. Writer cons are full of classes and workshops and learning. Reader cons are all about fun!

  3. I’ve never been to a reader’s conference. I guess the closest I’ve come is Toronto’s Word on the Street. Sounds like you had a blast, Jessica!

    I do love getting books as swag although that’s a bit extragavent at this stage in our careers. I think mints and sticky notes would be great! Great idea to staple chocolate to your postcards. I would definitely be drawn to that.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll have to budget for a future RomCon!

    • Or an RT, or an Author’s after dark. There are several con’s oriented towards readers, there might be one closer to you. But if you make it to Rom Con, I’m right here, so plan on hanging with the Colorado Girls! Can’t wait till your book is out! Woot!

  4. I think you picked some great promo items. I’d love to get the mints and sticky notes.

    • It was fun, and the bags we handed out at the author signings were very popular. I highly recommend having lots of fun free stuff to hand out, especially when you are a little known author. It helps to draw the readers to you so you can tell them about your book.

  5. I loved the mints, Jessica. Your bags were fabulous. It was so great meeting you at Rom Con. I am already saving for next year! Lois

    • Hi Lois! Glad you loved the mints. It was very fun meeting you too. I love the way Rom Con has people coming back year after year so you can really make friends. Keep an eye out for the early sales on tickets. Rom Con 2013 will be a blast!

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