Take a Ride on the Ghost Train with the High Bridge

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What’s creepier than living down a road that you’re afraid to drive at night because of a ghost train? You know it’s scary when an alpha male like Seth Montclair (Monty to fellow volunteer firefighters) is nervous.

My friend and fellow Passion in Print author, Elizabeth Haysmont‘s debut novel, The High Bridge, came out this month. My time crunch hasn’t allowed me to read it yet, but it is waiting in my e-reader queue for me to just have one weekend. I’m sure that’s all I’ll need for a fast paced romantic ghost story.


  Sandra Yorken made it her life’s work proving that spirit sightings are
the result of wishful thinking or willful misconduct. She’ll go to any
length to debunk a story that makes a location a ‘tourist attraction’.

    When she crashes her bike on a remote mountain road while
searching for the legendary Ghost Train of the Rocky Mountains, the last
person she wants help from is the mysterious (and breathtakingly
handsome) Seth ‘Monty’ Montclair. If her altitude sickness and an evil
spirit don’t kill her first, falling in love with the wrong man may just
break her heart forever.

The High Bridge is currently available at Passion In Print Press. Order here today!


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10 responses to “Take a Ride on the Ghost Train with the High Bridge

  1. Nothing can compare to a good old fashioned ghost story! I recognize the cover, so Elizabeth has definitely been making the rounds.

  2. Dancy

    WOW! LOVE the video clip! Book is on order and should be here any day! Can’t wait!!!!

  3. Jessica, thanks so much for your kind words. I hope you get a chance soon to catch up on your reading! I know how much you enjoy it.

    • Miss reading. 😦
      I can’t even justify it under research, right now. Must spend all my free time editing. I’m just getting to books that came out last fall. That does no good for timely reviews!

  4. Funny you should say that, Sherry. Jessica expressed concern that I’m not participating enough. 🙂

    • That’s great Sherry recognizes the cover. I’m not sure there is an “enough” when it comes to the first month of a books release. I look at Joan Swan and how much she is out and about and it is unbelievable!But look at FEVER soar!

  5. Ohh, I love it! Sounds like a great, spooky, love story. I’ve got a week’s vacation coming up in July at a cottage. Will be loading up my Kobo and doing nothing else, but reading!! (oh, well, until happy hour that is.)

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