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Promotion. Marketing. Social Media.

We hear all about it, but we want don’t know how to do it. At least not effectively. And when someone tells us about this great new thing, all we can do is moan, “NO MORE.”

But Triberr is different.Triberr image

It’s the real deal, a time saver, not a time sucker. And I have a few friends to thank for helping me out with it.

The first person is the Triberr guru of my small circle of internet buddies, Jenny Hansen. I gave her a blog award a few weeks ago HERE. She is hysterically funny! But she is also very smart and tech savvy. My friends at my Colorado Romance Writing Group think I know it all, but it turns out I borrow heavily from people like Jenny. She wrote a wonderful series on Triberr. The first one starts HERE.

And Jenny said that Triberr would save me time. I did check it out. But is seemed overwhelming and I didn’t know how to make it work, and I was very busy and put it off. My bad.

I even had a group of friends who emailed each other about it. What is this? How does it work? None of us took the five minutes to figure it out. Even though I read Jenny’s post and signed up, that was as far as I got. I put it off till life got a little less crazy. Well you know what happened next. Life never did get less crazy.

Then I went to a CRW meeting and Amy Denim (The Free Book Queen!) said, it’s easy and we’re starting a tribe. Pay a dollar for bones and we’ll get going. I paid my dollar, she sent me an invite. But nothing worked and I gave up.

So another month rolls by. Meanwhile I’m giving up ground on Twitter as my life falls even farther apart, I start blogging less and less. I need help!

Saturday I got it. Amy got out her laptop at our meeting and walked us through Triberr, and my lightbulb went off.

I need this. This will save me. It is not a time sucker.

I went home and figured out that I had two accounts and that’s why nothing worked. Deleted one, fixed the other and got rolling. That took about twenty minutes. Mostly because I had to figure out that I had two accounts. I think getting started really takes about five. See Jenny’s post.

Now what I need is to add friends and some good tribes. To make my life easy, I need my friends to decide that they want to make their lives easy, and spend the five minutes to get started. I know it seems like another waste of time, but this will help you all. Please let me know if you are interested, and I’ll send you an invite.

What have you tried lately that’s new? Did it save you time? Or suck it away? What about Triberr? And check out the rest of that series on Jenny’s site. I will be walking through it myself. (I’m still on week one.)


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7 responses to “Added #Triberr Finally!

  1. I’ve been on Triberr for a while now. I am in the CRW Tribe and (by happy accident) in the Southern Writers and Readers group (have no idea how THAT happened.)

    Has it saved time? Oh, probably a little bit. I’m tweeting and retwitting stuff that I may not have taken the time to do before, but doing it through Triberr allows me the time to do so. Do I think Triberr has driven traffic to my blog? No. Not really. I really haven’t seen much of a rise having other people tweet my stuff. Maybe if I made a concerted effort to build my tribe it might make a difference but wasn’t this supposed to be a time saver?

    • How do you keep track of your numbers? Do you use the analytics and see if an effort makes a difference? I don’t think you can tell unless you keep track. And what are you trying to do with Triberr? I want to save myself the step of visiting everyone’s blog and tweeting about it. I can still visit if I want to, but on the days when I am trying to do way too much stuff I can still help my friends out. That should leave me a few minutes for building my social media in some way, whether that’s through visiting new blogs or finding new tribes, I’m not sure yet. Unless you are tracking and making a concerted effort, nothing actually drives people to your site. And I think you may need a tribe that reflects your writing. Say a paranormal tribe?

  2. I’m with you, Jessica, in feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. When I have time, I will look at Jenny’s post. Thank you.

    I did join Tiberrrr, but haven’t used it yet. Please send an invite, Jessica.

    Thank you!

  3. thnx so much for writing about us and sharing your experience. We read these posts and try to improve based on feedback, so this was tremendously useful.

    See you around Bonfires 🙂

    Founder of Triberr

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