Success! Snow and the Seventh Wolf Submitted!

Sensational Saturdays

Thank goodness this is a blog for whatever I want to write!

I did it! I finally finished the sequel to Little Red Riding Wolf. I’ve turned it in, so now we’ll see what happens next. One of the things about hitting send is that I now think that everything should have been changed. I start second guessing myself and my plot and my characters. But I had fun!

This story is a little darker than Little Red Riding Wolf, which makes sense. It’s a  tale of two people who desperately need to trust each other, but have lots of reasons why they should never have met in the first place. Take one anti-hero and put him in a situation where no one else will step in, add in a  dark haired damsel in distress, then mix in hot chemical attraction and what do you have? Snow and the Seventh Wolf.

mirror mirror adOr at least that’s the title I’ve been working with. Hopefully you guessed that it’s based on Snow White, and given the amount of Snow White stories in the media it should get some attention. Between Mirror Mirror, and Snow White and the Huntsman, there have been lots of Snow White stories out there. But mine is about werewolves and hot spicy romance.

If you’ve read Little Red Riding Wolf you know Seth as the bad apple. In Snow and the Seventh Wolf he’s been sent up to Wyoming to stay with his  six cousins. (I couldn’t do dwarfs, not with hot muscular werewolves to choose from instead.) Seth is moody and unhappy, but when he has the chance to shine, he does. Even if it’s with a good dose of reluctance.

Jackson Hole. WyomingI moved my wolves from Radon, Colorado, mostly because I wanted to make the story darker. Many of the characters in Radon have taken on a lighter cast. Shapeshifting grannies just lend themselves to a little bit of humor. I wanted to create a dark background and the steep mountains and gorgeous forests of Jackson Hole just did that better. Also Seth needed some kind of punishment for his actions in Little Red Riding Wolf, and exile suited my needs.

I’m still intending to write more about Radon and the wolves there. Luckily there are a lot of fairy tales still unwritten in my world of tongue in cheek, spicy-hot, Radon. Next on my list is Goldilocks. Watch out whose house you wander into!

Have you seen any of the twisted fairy tale movies? I have yet to watch them, but as soon as they are in Redbox, I’m on it! I know some of you watched Grimm and Once Upon a Time with me. I’m excited for next season. What stories do you think would lend themselves to hot, twisted, romance? Any favorites you haven’t seen done yet?

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8 responses to “Success! Snow and the Seventh Wolf Submitted!

  1. WOOT! What a great feeling, to hit SEND. Trust your instincts.

    Looking forward to season 2 of Once Upon A Time, but couldn’t get into Grimm. I’ll give it a shot over the rerun season. Did see Mirror Mirror, and loved it. Julia Roberts does evil so well and Nathan Lane? Fabulous!

    Snow White and the Huntsman is on my list, as is The Raven.

    • Absolutely I am going to go see the Raven. Not a twisted fairy tale, but who could resist the combination of John Cusak and Edgar Allen Poe?

      Thanks for the WOOT! Not sure if it’s good instincts, or just tired of looking at it! 🙂

  2. TOTALLY two-stepping and cotton-eye-Joe-ing for you here in TX, Jessica!

    Since everyone knows writers make a gazillion per book, can I assume you’ll fly first class to TO for the reunion with Sherry, Sharon, and Carole?

    If you’re only on your second guess, start drinking. Maybe that will quell the third, fourth, fifth, guessing. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! The premise sounds dark and sexy and HOT!

    • Thanks Gloria, and um, all I can say is I don’t think I’ll be flying first class any time soon. Not giving up the day job for a while! Maybe someday!

      I would love to do the cotton eyed joe with you! Just picture me going fast beside you!

  3. Congratulations, Jessica. It’s a great feeling to know you’re done with a story. We could revise forever.
    I can’t wait to see how Seth redeems himself. He’ll make a great multi-faceted hero. He was a force to be dealt with in Red’s life.
    You’ve got some great tales to twist. Goldilocks is one of my favourites. I can just imagine whose house Goldilocks stumbles upon and what she might get caught doing in somebodies bed.

    • Thanks Sharon, I new ideas or “I should have’s” are what I think about when I should be sleeping! But if there is something that is really needed, I’ll add it during my edits with the publisher. And I did have fun redeeming Seth. Luckily he has a strong sense of motivation, so I could carry that through. Everyone should take their bad guy and redeem him, it makes for an interesting read!

      I’m looking forward to Goldilocks, she’s a mischievous girl with lots of room for wordplay. I think it should be very fun! Too bad I’m not that adventurous, since the story really has three bears!

  4. I’m sure you have been dancing and singing ever since hitting that SEND button. I congratulate you on your hard work!!

    • It really did make me happy. It’s been hanging over my head for a few months. Not that my publisher gave me a deadline, but I have my own deadlines and I hate when I miss them. Can’t wait to start working on the next book, more deadlines for me!

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