Announcing Winner of Rom Con 2012 Tickets

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rom con 2012 imageAnd the winners of the tickets to Rom Con 2012 are: Connie Kline and jovialvampyre! I’ll be sending you an email. Congratulations!

Good thing my kids are older, or I’d be in trouble! My house is filling up with mysterious cardboard boxes and crinkly brown paper bags. Rom Com is coming soon, very soon, and I’m accumulating goodies for treat bags. Sometimes the authors let me know they’re sending them, and sometimes they just arrive, a wonderful surprise gift.

Free Stock Image - Fat santa claus

It’s funny how none of this is for me, but I feel like it’s all for me. I get the fun of the arriving package, and the joy of opening it. I love pulling out the various books and chatzkes and anticipating how the readers will enjoy going through the bags when they open them. It’s like Christmas and I get to play Santa Claus.

And then there is deciding what I’m bringing to the party. I’ve already got my goodies for the Paranromal Freebies Treat bags, but Rom Con gives out bags at the door. Should I put something in those? What? And I’m dealing at Monte Carlo Night. What about then?

Free Stock Photography - Carnival mask
Actually I have a very special surprise planned for the first fifty people who drop by my table at Monte Carlo Night. Want a hint? They have feathers!

And as for my donations to the main Rom Con bags? Well I think I’ll donate what I love to do best. Write. So if you’re coming to Rom Con look on the back of those Jessica Aspen Little Red Riding Wolf promo cards and log on to your computer or smart phone to find a special gift. A piece of flash fiction, just for you.

And what if you’re not able to make it to Rom Con? Well, soon I’ll be doing another round of blogs and giving away more copies of Little Red Riding Wolf, so stay tuned and follow me around the internet! And I hope to see many of you next month at Rom Con!

Do you love giving things away? Is it better than receiving gifts? What kinds of things do you do on the spur of the moment? Or are you a long term gift giver, planning for months?

UPDATE: Unfortunately one of our winners can’t go, so I will be emailing a back up winner.


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4 responses to “Announcing Winner of Rom Con 2012 Tickets

  1. August McLaughlin

    I love giving and receiving gifts, though I’d pick giving if given (ha!) a choice. I get so excited, it’s tough to wait. So long term planning ahead ain’t easy!

    • I’m really good at the long term planning if I purchase months ahead of time and put the gift in storage. Then I forget all about it, so I’m surprised too! My husband is really good at keeping gifts quiet. Sneaky dude!

  2. RomCon sounds like a great time, Jessica! Hope I can make it one year 🙂 I love to give gifts, especially when it’s the perfect gift. Last year, a couple women set up their jewellery for sale in my work building. They had a beautiful amethyst necklace. My daughter had just mentioned she’d always wanted amethyst, so it felt great to buy it for her although I did tuck it away until Christmas.

    • I shop for Christmas year round. It’s the best way to go. That way you get exactly the right present when you see it and half your shopping is finished by the time November rolls around. The other half I do on Christmas Eve! So much for planning ahead!

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