Rom Con Ticket Giveaway, last chance!

Thursday’s Bite


Rom Con 2012I have the super secret code to two FREE RomCon 2012 tickets in my hot little hand. Yes, right here!

And today is the last day to enter to win! Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered in the drawing. I’ll post the winner on Sensational Saturday’s blog on May 26th.

Why is Rom Con a paranormal topic? Well it’s because Rom Con has terrific opportunities to not only meet new and favorite authors, but it also gives you an unparalleled opportunity to mix with your favorite authors. From lunches and games to dinners and freebies, Rom Con has it all. And best of all for me, it’s in Denver!

Denver is centrally located, so it’s easy to get to and affordable to stay in. We have the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and amazing weather, and very little humidity. Denver Rocks!

One note about Rom Con. You need to sign up for the limited events separately, especially the evening events. But there is still a ton to do if you don’t sign up, including just hanging out in the bar trolling for authors

Who are your favorite authors? Are they coming to Rom Con 2012? Check HERE for the list. Some of my favs will be there including Kelly Armstrong,Jeanne Stein and Delilah Marvelle. Who would you like to see in person?

And don’t forget this is the last week of the CRW bloghop. Prizes on the blogs and a grand prize drawing for all peeps leaving a comment! Click HERE for details.

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