Celebrating Being Odd

Colorado Romance Writers celebrates it’s published authors with a blog hop, the Mystic Month of May. Every day there are chances to win new prizes and enter the final prize drawing. Click HERE to see a list of all the wonderful authors, a different one each day, that you can follow from blog to blog. Click HERE to find my guest spot yesterday on Helen’s Haven. And read on today to find Hillary Seidl and her take on what authors are really like and don’t forget to leave a comment to enter to win a free e-copy of Desperate Soul: Sia.

Celebrating Being Odd

                Hi Jessica!  Thank you for having me on your blog today!  I’m honored.

Coming into my own has taken a long time. I’m still not on the level that I would like but these things take time.  And I’m convinced that it’s a life journey.  Okay, enough of the reflection and on to a funny story.

You should have seen the face of the dishwasher repairman face when he entered our condo.  When I tried to figure why he had a confused expression, I decided to look at the rooms from his point of view. First, I had a compromising (racy) scene on my TV, a re-run of True Blood.  The particular scene of naked Sookie, ahem.

Second, he asked why I have a sign in my living room that says, ‘Vampire on Duty’.  What could I say?  I told him it just sort of stayed there from Halloween and I thought it was funny.  His eyebrows raised another half-inch.  Great.  Now I’m a super freak.  Pshhaa!  I was fine.  I didn’t care.  It’s my house.  My taste.  Whatever.

Third, he says, “Nice lights.”  Fine.  This one is on me.  *Hangs head in shame*  I still have my Christmas lights up.  I love the lights at night.  Plus, my dear mini-dachshund, Leela knocked over my living room lamp and it shattered. EVERYWHERE.

We didn’t chat much after that but he eyed my writing table full of notes, papers, books that were scattered everywhere.  I wanted to scream!  Look guy, I’m a writer and I’m sort of weird.  Deal!

That’s half of the reason why I write odd heroines.  I like to have a bit of fun and paranormal.  I should’ve mentioned that I’m very suspicious of normal folk.  Nobody can be that vanilla. Those are the people that have the stuff in the closet nobody supposed to find.  0.O

I like the odd in the world, odd places and odd people. That’s what makes life fun and interesting!  Celebrate being different!

Desperate Soul by Hillary SeidlDesperate Soul is my paranormal contemporary novella.  I’m so excited to promote this book because its sequel is coming out later this year.  Grand Rock is my fictional paranormal little town in Colorado.  Trust me.  There’s a lot going on.

Desperate Soul: Sia a paranormal novella to be released by 5 Prince Publishing Available now!  Amazon, B&N, and All Romance E-books

Thank you so much Jessica!  I would love to give a free e copy of Desperate Soul to one lucky commenter!  Good luck and happy reading! Hillary Seidl


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19 responses to “Celebrating Being Odd

  1. What a great blog, Hillary! It’s a good thing to be reminded that not everyone is vanilla, and that being different is a good thing. Vive la difference! You are most certainly a unique person, and one hell of a great writer! Can’t wait to read the second in your Grand Rock series!

    • Whenever I go to CRW meetings I’m reminded that authors may be different, but we’re all birds of a feather. Many times when we have new people they say the same thing, “These are my people”. I wonder what the repair men think of my husband’s gargoyle collection, or the pile of sexy covered romances all over my dining room table. See, you are not alone!

  2. helenhardt

    Hillary, I agree. Why be normal? What fun is that? I think all writers march to the beat of their own drummer. It’s what makes us able to do what we do. Great blog! (Hi, Jessica!)

  3. Holley Trent

    Oh boy. I have my share of odd heroines. Sometimes I think I go a bit overboard with all the quirk, but like you, Hillary, I can’t do plain vanilla.

  4. bn100

    Very nice post. The book sounds good.

  5. D'Ann Lindun

    Great blog! I grew up in a weird little town, Ouray, and there’s always a lot going on! LOL

  6. There is nothing wrong with odd. I am a guest today on Paranormal Freebies where I’ve admitted to the paranormal visit that became a character in my book. Your characters sound fabulous!

  7. Hi Hillary! How funny about the repairman. At least you gave him some excitement in his day. 🙂 I love odd people. So much more interesting!

  8. Trix

    Maybe it comes from a childhood watching the Muppets, but I’ve always thought odd was better. I suspect I’m loopy as a loon, and most of the things/people I like are, too. Oddity is the new normal, I say!

  9. Welcome Trix, Lia, Sharon, D’Ann, bn100 and Holley,
    Whew! Such a lot of visitors! Thanks for dropping by the blog hop and visiting. Hope you have had fun and will check out hillary’s site today where JL Bowen is blogging!

  10. Let’s hear it for ODD! Some of the best stories come from the unusual thinker. Hillary, you are one of the most normal oddballs I know and I’m proud to know you. I can’t wait for your next book to come out!

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  13. I loved your story in this post. Weird? No. Interesting? YES. You probably made this man’s day. He said something to talk about when he went home at the end of the day. lol

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  16. Congratulations Bn100, you’ve won the copy of Desperate Soul: Sia. I’ll send Hillary your email and expect her to be contacting you. WOOT!

  17. helenhardt

    D’Ann Lindun, please contact me at helenhardt@gmail.com. You are the winner of our blog hop second prize, a $25.00 Barnes and Noble gift card :).

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