Knights, Werewolves and Witches, What to Write First?

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Writers have a terrible problem, they have too many ideas and not enough time. I would love to write three books this year and three novellas. I have the plots swirling around in my  brain. Diverse characters waiting to get their stories told. It’s a little bit like being the Little the little old woman who lived in the shoeOld Woman in the Shoe, but with attention deficit disorder. “Pick me! Pick me!”

And they are all great stories. From the knight who finds out he’s still needed, to the insecure witch who discovers her skills are just as important as her sister’s. All of these stories have their own magic. But which one gets put down on paper now? And will some of them never get written?

I hear a lot about writers block. All the NYT bestselling authors say, no such thing, you just need to be disciplined. But for me the problem isn’t writer’s block, it’s too much to write. Sure I have those days where I’m struggling with a scene, but I have so many things to work on I just jump to a different scene, or even a different project. There is no reason not to be writing. If I can squeeze it into my life.

Ah, there’s the rub Horatio.

I have my current stories with Passion in Print. Little Red Riding Wolf does have a sequel and maybe a third book in the trilogy. I have the sequel, Snow and the Seventh Wolf almost done, but it needs just a little bit more. And my life is crazy! And I have the third one partially outlined, so just a little bit more effort and a full outline later and it will be in the queue fighting for a place on my screen.

I’m deep into deep editing Blood Were. It still needs a new title, but it’s coming together. I’m hoping all of these edits will be finished by the end of July. And then I can get down to the prequel for that one. It’s just in the outlining process. Meanwhile I have an entirely new series pushing to get out about kights and honor. When I’m out walking or half asleep almost dreaming these new characters are in my head. They want their story told, but there is no more room on the schedule!

When do I fit them in? In between the prequel and the NANORIMO YA series I want to write? That one has been waiting a year. Oh and I have another YA that wants to be written too. Let’s count them up. That’s two novellas written for this year. One novel edited, actually I have another that I want to revisit so let’s make that two novels edited. The knight book, the YA series and the YA stand alone.

There is no way all of this will get done.

So a writer has to choose. We have to pick and choose what is the biggest priority, or what fits our schedule. Right now Snow and the Seventh Wolf is very high on my list. As is Blood Were. And, if they are my priorities, then I should also make their next books priories. So we’ll move Blood Were‘s prequel up in the line-up. It came next anyway. But what about after that? Will I have more stories pushing for a spot?

As soon as I have one outlined another is vying to take it’s place. And sending them off without supper does not work, I’ve tried!

I used to wonder if a writer would run out of stories, but now I realize the opposite problem is true. Too many stories, all vying for attention. Are you a writer with too many children vying for your attention? Or do you obsess about one book leaving no room for the next until the first is complete? As a reader, I’m sure you all hope your favorite authors are prolific, but does having ideas mean they’ll end up on paper?


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14 responses to “Knights, Werewolves and Witches, What to Write First?

  1. After nursing my first book through countless childhood traumas, I started my second while waiting for the first to grow up. What a release! Because I, too, have several projects in mind. As long as I live to be 120, I should get them all done. Way better than being bored, I can tell you!

    • Way better! I wish I could get them all done now. I feel like a little kid looking at the candy selection and I have to make some tough choices. The lovely thing about writing versus buying candy is it is good for my teeth and as the adult I can say, pick whatever you want!

  2. Goodness what a lot of choices you have. I’m working a small-town contemporary series in my head. The first book is completed and being shopped around. I’m working on the second. Characters from the next three books keep dropping in to say something. When that happens, I make notes and go back to my WIP. And somehow I end up writing some setup for the future into the WIP. And then there’s the series of three I abandoned when the first didn’t sell. And the series of seven that’s waiting in the wings…. You’re right–too many good ideas and not enough time.

    • You go Joan!I’m expecting to see all those characters showing up in one form or another. I love when you have an idea for a series and you can layer in what’s going to happen in the future. That is the best way to write. I need to do some of that myself. Hmm, definite ideas coming along here. 🙂

  3. Jessica, I have a folder stuffed with story ideas, and I think I sounded just the same as you with a friend this week. I’ve got two projects on the go at the moment, one novella and one non-fiction workbook. I give the novella priority and write 1,000 words a day (almost every day) Only then will I work on the other project.
    I want to write another novella this summer and finish a novel half started and revise a historical that I just got a great idea for. And revamp my website. And start a blog. And And And.
    I was driving by a lake the other day and saw one duck standing at the edge watching the other duckie swimmers. I thought, too funny, what if the duck hated to get his feet wet. Oh! Great children’s story idea. I don’t write children’s stories. Ack!!

    • Love the duck idea, maybe you do write children’s stories. You are so smart to work on the one project and keep working on it till it’s finished before you allow yourself to work on the others. That’s the way we get it done, one book at a time, even when it looks like the grass is greener on the other side of the folder, keep your head down till you hit the finish line.

  4. I’m with you, Jessica. I have too many stories and not enough time. I don’t mean this to sound boastful, but I’m not sure I’ll every run out of ideas. *knock on wood superstitiously*. The bad part is that they all may not be good stories, stories that publishers want, stories that readers want, or feasible to write in my schedule. That last one refers to the time investment that some stories would take vs. another. I’m not talking about word count. I think some stories I’d like to write would require more research than others.

    • I really don’t want to do research, well maybe a little. It’s nice to have something interesting like you have in The Waiting Booth, but the kind of research a historical would take? No way! I’m so glad you have a ton of ideas running around in your head. That means more Brinda Books!

  5. Hey, Jessica, you Tasmanian Brained Devil, you! ERK! NO! You do not need to add a book based in Tasmania or a Devil Antagonist to your already enviable list.

    I know I won’t run out of story ideas. But, you know, oh-so-well, that I find myself drawn like a hypnotized subject to shiny new baubles. I have to stash the ideas for new books on a piece of paper or in a spot in the back of my brain and F-O-C-U-S.

    I consider FOCUS one of my stealth words. Easily deployed, but difficult to detect in the hub-bub of my brain. So. Nope. I can’t do it. Had I done Nano this past year, I would have taken my MG fantasy WIP to the party.

    You remind me of Sherry. I get brain freeze trying to keep up with the two of you and the number of books you have working. You’ll work it out. Hope things settle for you on the home front, my friend. WOO HOO You!

    • My horoscope says thing should settle down soon. Now is that because I’ve just given up and decided that nothing is more important than me? Or is it because things will really get better? Who knows! One thing I do know is that I will be writing again soon. I have two weeks off coming up and I am getting that novella done and submitted. I don’t care if I have to turn off the internet, my phone and go hole up in the library, it will be done.

      As for those shiny baubles, I know you are becoming a disciplined person. I saw you cutting back last month and focusing. Good for you! Forget NANO, it’s on my list, but I never get it done. It’s far more important to focus on the big picture! And you, my dear, are getting it into beautiful focus. Gloria Richard published author, here we come!

  6. I hear you Jessica, and I feel your tailspin. I have 3 works in different stages – was not supposed to work out that way – and countless more that have little notes in files. Notes that I hope will still make sense when I have time to go back an devote my attention to that story.

    It all comes down to, one word at a time. And when I don’t find time to write, or become distracted (or chose to allow distractions?) I become more frustrated because the projects have backed up further, like a pile up on the 401.

    (Yes, I’m speaking Canadian again. 401 is a highway.)

    • I get the Canadian speak this time. Lane way through me. I realized we do have Lanes and Way’s but not combined. I have to get up to Canada!

      When I took Angi Morgan’s bootcamp last year she said she wished she had been on a schedule where she had three projects going at once. One to polish, one to write, and one to outline. That way she always had something ready to submit and she could be ready when her publisher asked for something fast. I think that’s something she does now, and I’m trying very hard to stick to that schedule, but right now I have lots to edit, and several in outline stage. I can’t write when I work anyway, so all the writing will happen after the end of June. Mini NANO for me July and August!

      Just keep those files going, they will make sense, and if they don’t the story will be great anyway. I love your stories. 🙂

      • Ahem. Clarification time. Laneway was meant to sound 1963. A back lane. Nothing Canadian at all.

        I love your stories, too, Jess, so mini NANO every month, okay?

      • Ah ha! Just out of time, not out of country. I get it!

        And a big SNORT! mini nano every month! Aren’t I supposed to be downsizing?

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