Banning Easter Egg Hunts?

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Banning Easter Egg hunts?Stock Photos - Jackrabbit Eating
Seem un-Easterish? It does to me. But then I’ve never gone to a city sponsored Easter Egg hunt, I didn’t as a kid and I’ve never taken my children to one. Why would you go?

Easter to me is about family. The only large Easter Egg hunts I’ve been to have been at Church, where they separate out the young ones from the very young ones and it’s all nice and friendly. You don’t get much, but that never really bothered me because we always do our own Easter Egg hunt at home.

That’s right. The Easter Bunny not only brings baskets of goodies like chocolate bunnies and extra underwear. The Easter Bunny spends a lot of time getting our very own colored eggs out of the refrigerator and hiding them around the house. Oh, and he throws in some jelly beans and maybe a few foil covered chocolate eggs.Free Stock Images - Chocolate eggs

If you’ve never done an Easter Egg hunt inside, it’s a blast. Houses have very fun places to hide eggs. Jelly beans are the best. Line up a bunch of white ones on a white window sill and watch a four year old look right at them and not see them. Or put blue ones on a blue pillow. Black ones hide the best, so you’d better have someone who can find them all or else you’ll be finding them years later. We found a chocolate egg behind a book the other day.

Inside egg hunts are never rained out, snowed out or over crowded. And you can make your own rules, like:

  1. Anyone over the age of, hmm seven, can’t look below their waist until the younger ones have pretty full baskets, then turn ’em loose.
  2. You can participate at any age, but at around fourteen or fifteen maybe it’s time to become a helper. Or maybe not. Your choice.
  3. When you think everything’s been found, you have the time to look again and play the  “hot and cold” game.

Inside Easter egg hunts are safer, warmer, and more fun. And you get to do it with the ones you love. NO pushing or shoving. No parents shouting, “get ’em all!”

I’ll be dying eggs tonight. And that reminds me, we have one more thing that we do for Easter.

We use the crayon in the PAAS kit to write everyone’s name on an egg. That way you know which one is missing when you can’t find it. And we have one more tradition.

The egg that doesn’t turn out so well from the dying, you know, the one that ends up that mottled shade of greeny brown from pouring all the dye together at the end? That one we call, the rotten egg.

Free Stock Photography - Eggs
There’s always at least one rotten egg, right?

Do you brave the public Easter Egg hunts? What has the Easter Bunny left in your basket? Do you even celebrate Easter?

Check out my post on Ostara on Paranormal Freebies entitled, Chocolate Easter Bunny or Jesus Fish?  and enter to win a free copy of Little Red Riding Wolf.


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7 responses to “Banning Easter Egg Hunts?

  1. Happy Easter, Jessica! Loved reminiscing with you. We won’t have any grandkids this Easter as they are too far away or visiting the other side for the weekend so no goodies for us. Not to worry, we see the kids often and don’t need the candy:-(. We’ll be singing in church tomorrow morning, helping out my sister’s choir so that will seem like Easter. Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Elaine! Happy Easter! It’s 5pm on Easter Sunday, and it was a gorgeous day here! Could have hidden eggs outside, but we still did it inside. (And I only ate a little bit of candy, two croissants though!)

  2. We did a lot of hunts when my son was a child. We would do the indoor, outdoor, real dyed eggs, plastics eggs with quarters enclosed, etc. I don’t miss it. It was fun while it happened, but it wore me out! I do miss one thing. I had not one chocolate egg or bunny today. We did go to church and then out to eat catfish with the whole family. 😦 Happy Easter, Jessica.

    • Happy Easter to you to Brinda! Don’t forget, all the chocolate goes on sale on Monday! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten catfish, it’s not a common fish on the menu here. I’ve been very lazy, thought I’d better hop on and see what was happening. Hope your day was fun!

  3. I have to say your Easter mirrors the ones we always had growing up! I’m so glad my family isn’t the only ones who did indoor egg hunts, got underwear (or other things) in our baskets, and had an ugly egg from mixing all the dye together. Ah, good times…

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