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If you’ve been reading this blog, or better yet, following me on Twitter, you’ll know that the last few months my life has gotten crazy. With my personal life trying to take over my professional life and that little thing we like to call the ‘job’ happening, as well as running CRW’s Award of Excellence contest, my free  time has shrunk to nothing.

So once again I face what I thought would be an easy task. The idea that I would read one new paranormal book a month seemed easy when I thought of it last Fall. I love to read and I need to be reading in my genre, plus I love my genre. And there are so many authors,  great ones, bad ones, even in-between ones that I haven’t read that I should have no problem finding a book to read. And I have to say, finding books to read is never the problem.

But finding the time to read them is. It’s a huge problem. Some people read at night, but I have this pesky man called a husband, who is not a reader. He seems to think that when my head is in a book I’m not paying attention to him. Who? What? Oh yeah… he’s right.

And he’s not the only reason I don’t read at night. I have so much to catch up on that all my hours are spoken for.

So today I find myself, once again, without a book to review. So instead of telling you about a book that I’ve read and recommend, I’m going to share with you some books I would love to find the time to read!

demon from the dark by kresley coleI’ve heard that Kresley Cole is an amazing author.Toppling at the top of my TBR pile is Demon From the Dark, and it’s been there for almost a year. I love the sexy man with the tatoo on the cover, I love the tiny blurb on the front:

He comes from the dark to demand her surrender…

I especially love the dot-dot-dot at the end, we all know what that implies!

lothaire by kresley coleBut it’s languishing until I find the time, so someone please read it for me! And if you’ve already read it, and the rest of the Immortals After Dark series, you could stop by the bookstore and purchase her latest release, Lothaire. It promises more hot dark paranormal romance. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but this cover model bears a striking resemblance to Sting. MMM.

Another author I’ve been dying to try is Larissa Ione. I have two of her books in my TBR pile, Ecstasy Unveiled. (Gotta love that title) and Desire Unchained. With dark sexy titles like that and dark sexy covers to match there is no doubt that my poor husband would get none of my attention. (Well, maybe after I was finished!)

lethal rider by larissa ioneLarissa is another author that everyone says I should read. And I agree! Find me the time and I am so there, turning page after page. Anyone willing to volunteer to take over my bathroom cleaning so I can get to reading?

Larissa even has a new release coming out in May, Lethal Rider. Hot, hot, hot! You can just tell by the bulging biceps and the windblown hair. I’m so jealous of everyone who is managing to squeeze some paranormal reading into their lives.

It’s not that I’m not reading, it’s just that I have required reading. Much of it is very good, but I’m not reading paranormal right now. But I will be someday!

For now please  know, I’m reading by proxy this month. Let me know if you’ve read any of these authors. Share with me your insights and if it’s worth throwing my husband over so I can peruse the paranormal once more. In the meantime, I have hopes that over the summer I’ll get to make the pile shorter, instead of taller.

And if you’d like to win a copy of Little Red Riding Wolf, hop on over and check out my blog on fairy tales at Paranormal Freebies. The contest closes at midnight tonight!


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11 responses to “Help Jessica Aspen Read by Proxy

  1. Ah, Jessica! You know I’d do it for you if I could, but I’m in Major Genre Swing Mode (wonder what the dance steps for that would be).

    My already wonky brain would phssst if I took on reading another one.

    SNORT! on your comment about side-benefit to you reading HOT books. You can’t just hold up a finger and say. “Hold on. I’m trying to learn this hot technique we can try tonight.” No? RATS!

    • Major Genre Swing Mode? Love it, whatever it is. But I’m with you, as you can tell, too many books already! Every time I talk to another author, they suggest someone else, and I am reading so slow! It’s really sad.

      As for the SNORT! Those men, needy, needy, needy! (Don’t tell him I said that!)

  2. I’d say, throw your husband over for Little Red Riding Wolf, but you’ve already done that. snort!

    Just finished FEVER by Joan Swan, which was fabulous. A few months ago I read TOUCH IF YOU DARE by Stephanie Rowe, which was also rave-worthy.

    Hm. Why don’t you mark the hot scenes with sticky notes? You can read those out loud in bed before your honey turns out the light. He’ll soon realize reading is a most excellent pastime.

    • Loved FEVER! Who hasn’t? Okay, anyone out there who hasn’t read FEVER, needs to jump on the FEVER bandwagon. Joan ROCKS!

      That’s it, I’ll skip the hot scenes and then save them all up! I think Saturday’s blog has to be on this topic, that one line grabbed both you and Gloria. And I didn’t even use the word HOT there!

  3. Had a great long insightful comment and hit something on the keyboard that threw me right out. Grrr. Anyhow, do the best you can and quit beating yourself up. Which is more important, helping family members in crisis mode or reading a book? We mustn’t confuse our wants with our absolutely-need-tos. BTW I think you’re doing great, Jessica. Pat yourself on the back and carry on.

  4. I apologize that I haven’t read these, so I’m no help. I have been in the YA world for a few years and mostly read those. I do read some adult novels. In the adult book genre world, I recently finished Cassa Star by Alex Cavanaugh (sci-fi), Ganymede by Cherie Priest (steampunk/alternate history) and am currently reading Curse of Gremdon by Ciara Knight (fantasy). These don’t seem like your types of books….

    • Actually I read pretty widely, so you never know! I’ve been wanting to read Ciara Knight for a while. I used to be an avid fantasy reader, before I became an author and all my free time was sucked up into the computer. Sci-fi, not so much, but I did see Alex on your site and his books look very interesting. As for the steampunk, I think it looks fascinating. I certainly appreciate it in movies and I love the Victorian era, always have. I haven’t read any of it yet, so maybe Ganymede would be a good place to start. I do read some YA, but as you can tell I’m not reading much right now. Too bad, because there is a lot of good YA out there, your books included!

  5. I’m with you there, Jessica. There’s nothing I would rather do than curl up with one of the many books on my TBR list. Work, family, writing, friends, house, there are not enough hours in the day. I share weekly goals with 3 wonderful women and I noticed Sherry Isaac had ‘read for 30 mins each day’ on her list. It’s now on my weekly list, but so far I’m not keeping up. I also have a Kresley Cole book uncracked on my shelf. I’ll try to get to it and let you know!

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