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This month’s Moonday Mania’s have been about Social Media. We started the month with Don’t Should on Yourself, by Keri Silk and moved on to my neophyte blog hints, Easy tips to Make Your Blog Outstanding and Slow Down and Smell the Coffee. So, for the last Monday in March I’m going to discuss a few things I’ve learned from the best.

As many of you know, I’m a big Kristen Lamb follower. Kristen blogs, not just on Social Media, but specifically Social Media and authors. Kristen’s advice is where I am trying to get to, not where I am. If she has any big pieces of advice that you can see I’m not doing, well, it’s because I’M STILL WORKING ON IT!

We Are Not Alone, by Kristen LambWhat have I learned from Kristen Lamb? I’ve learned that the author social media world is always changing. Kristen wrote this fabulous book, We Are Not Alone, the Writer’s Guide to Social Media, and I consider this my baseline bible to social media. But I can’t just read the book. Why? Because the internet is not a static environment. Actually, the world is not a static environment. Since Kristen wrote the book we’ve seen the demise of My Space and the rise of Google Plus. How can a book like Kristen’s, that has info on My Space and none on Google Plus a valid resource for this year’s writer?

Because the advice that Kristen gives in the book applies, whether or not I’m on My Space, Googe Plus or the Next Big SM Hotspot. Good advice is still good advice. (For some hilarious dated advice check out Miss Gloria Richard’s foray into the past via the Loo at Buca De Bepo HERE!)

Kristen’s ideas on creating a platform that centers around your personality and genre are still sound ideas, no matter where you are implementing them. I’m still struggling with this. At first I didn’t really know what I wanted on my site. Okay, Kristen, I need to represent me and my writing, but I’m writing so many things and I’m not sure which one is going to get published. But I plunged in anyway, trying to represent some paranormal theme with the spooky woods header and my Thursdays Bite.

It works, but is it where I want to be? No, and I know it. Thanks to Kristen I’ve been searching for my identity as an author and a blogger, and I think I’m starting to hit it. So my last piece of advice is: be yourself, whoever that is. Figure it out. It may take time, and it’s okay to take the time. It’s okay to start with just the basic template and then add a header and then maybe get a header done and jazz up the site.

The point is, don’t wait till you know exactly who you are to get started. If I had waited till now to get my site and my blog up and running, I might not have as good an idea of who I am as an author. I might still be struggling with the very basics. But I’m not, I’ve moved ahead, still struggling. Still discovering who I am. And guess what?

That’s life.Stock Images - Cold feet

You change. You change as a teen to a twenty-something. The Facebook page you put up at thirty is different from the one you would do at forty. And the blog you do as a newbie pre-pubbed author will be different than the one you do as a newbie, just-pubbed author, and different again from the one you do when you are a famous know-it-all author. but if you don’t put your toe in the water, you never get wet.

So get wet! Jump in! Make your mistakes and just keep paddling till you get somewhere! ‘Cause I know you will be getting somewhere, even if it’s just back to the shore for some icy marg’s on the sand!

Have you jumped in yet? Have you changed what you started with? For someone who’s done this check out Sherry Isaac’s new site (HERE). She’s totally revamped it and it’s got SIZZLE!


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8 responses to “Get WET!

  1. Great column, Jessica. I totally agree with you. And as a reforming perfectionist, that’s saying something. We’re not perfect and need to get over ourselves and just do it! Loved Gloria’s bathroom humour, BTW.

    • OMG! Gloria’s post was LOL hysterical! I too am a reforming perfectionist, combined with a reforming procrastinator (that made for a difficult combo). My whole life lesson is just do it, and if it’s not perfect, so what? I just talked to another author on Saturday who said his main problem was that he didn’t ever consider his work just right. Finished, yes, but never ready for prime time. That means, no queries, and you know what that means…no rejections. But no success either. I’m so excited that your book is out there in query land. No success without risk!

  2. Squee! Thanks for the ping-back, Jessica!

    Your comment inspired a visual. A visual I failed to see while writing my article. Ms. Prissy with the fouled air issue failed to suggest cramming bananas in your nostrils until the odor dissipates.

    You and Sherry are my role models for jumping off the cliff and growing your wings on the way down. Wile E Coyote survived. So can we all. Visit your local Acme store.

    I struggle with topics that generate interest on my site, but realize it’s part of the learning process. As are developing your theme and log-line. Kristen Lamb emphasizes the importance of reaching writers and readers with you blog. Make it interesting, informative, and be yourself.

    You rock at those, Jessica!

    • Oh, yes! I love the idea of cramming the bananas. No wonder you carried your iphone into the LOO!

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’m not sure everything I write is interesting, but I’m getting out there and writing. I hear writers all the time saying they don’t blog because they don’t think anyone will be interested. It’s the same for getting your books out there. Blogging is a nice small risk. Each day there is a new audience and each day you can have a small success with getting yourself out there. Then, maybe, you can try for the big successes in life! Plus I love blogging. Where else can you spot off about whatever you want to and no one can walk away. Okay, at least I don’t see you all running for the door!

  3. Thanks for the pingback, Jessie. WOOT!

    First, must mention, I finished Little Red Riding Wolf last night. Talk about SIZZLE!

    Now, on to my comment…

    I am a recent graduate of Lamb’s Blogging to Build Brand course. I already had my Psychological Sizzle brand (banner, business cards), but was looking for blogging advice. Between Kristen Lamb’s lessons, my new WANA peeps, my existing circle and my pre-exisiting brand, I was able to finally tap in to my blogs focus.

    I write strong female characters. Like wildflowers, each finds themselves in harsh conditions, yet they blossom and grow and find their voice. I love psychological sizzle, and pour a little ectoplasm in my fountain pen now and again. So now, on my two blogging days–’cause that’s what works for me–I have two themes that tell readers about me and about my work. You know, that whole, Show, don’t tell, thing. Wildflower Wednesday, Psychological Sizzle Saturday.

    Intent: if a reader likes the subject matter and the writing on my blog, they can be confident they will love my books.

    • You have got it down, sister!

      What a great synopsis of you, your brand, and your books. Love it! And two days a week is very good. I find three to be almost too many, but I can’t decide which one to give up. Actually, I know I should be giving up monday’s with the writing, because it’s not paranormal focused and not my focus. But it’s the easiest one for me to write! (Kill your darlings, I know!)

      I need to do what you’ve done, re-vamp my look to match my books. It’s on the to do list, it just keeps getting pushed back by that writing thing. (okay and everything else!) But I am definitely going to get it done before Rom Con, so I can have it ready to go! You are an inspiration and I love the new look. 🙂

  4. It’s good advice to jump in and start somewhere. If you don’t, you’ll be planning and imagining until …..who knows when. I think your blog is getting it’s own personality whether you are trying to or not. I like all your themed posts.

    • Thanks Brinda! I guess it has a Jessica theme, somewhere in there, but I’d love for it to have a theme closer to my books. You recently re-did your website and it rocks! I love the new header, the motion is great. And the organization is really terrific too.

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