Help! When do I write?

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I’m a goal setter. A go-to goal setter. If you peek back into January you’ll see my mega-list of goals. And there are a lot of little things, like, hmm, blog, blog and more blogs. But the most important thing on the list, the one thing I’m supposed to be doing before anything else, and the thing that actually might bring some real meaning to my chosen career is to WRITE.

Now don’t get me wrong. All the other stuff is important, but if I’m not writing, am I an author? If all I’m doing is promoting the one book or checking out everyone else’s books, can I call myself anything but a dabbler? A doodler? A dilettante?

Even if I’m sacrificing my writing for a good cause, even if it’s because my house needs attention, the fridge needs re-stocking, or the family desperately needs me, even then can I call myself an author? Or am I just a hobbyist?

Writing is the call. Writing is the thing that needs to be done.

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That’s why my family is forced to eat nothing but PB&J’s till the cows come home, because Mama ain’t cooking. Mama’s writing.

Am I struggling to balance my life?

Yes. But I’m still writing.

Yes, this month things have gotten seriously in the way. My folks have needed way more help than usual. I took on a contest and that required a good deal of attention. And there are the usual suspects, the dirty bathrooms and the dog that needs walking.

But overall I am writing. And I’m on schedule. Or close to it.

My main goal for the beginning of this year was to write a novella. And I’ve done that. I have the rough draft of the sequel to Little Red Riding Wolf finished. Snow and the Seventh Wolf is in the middle of the polishing stage and I am on target to have it off to Passion in Print for the query stage by the end of March. Now all I need to do is fend off the children during spring break. Any ideas?

My next main goal is to edit BW (and rename it, I’m not happy with the title, hence the intitials). I’ve signed up for a Margie class in April, specifically to get the editing rolling. Fab 30, where Margie herself looks at your thirty pages. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

I’m working in April, so this will be a challenge, but like I said, the natives will have to eat more PB&J. Or maybe learn to cook for themselves. That’s an even better idea!

I have a ton of other things I want to get done. Re-vamping this website is high on my list. But don’t expect to see it done anytime soon. One thing I took away from my Bob Mayer class, one thing I took away from reading Stephen King’s On Writing, one thing I read over and over again from successful authors is…. WRITE!

Do you have trouble getting your goals accomplished? How do you fend off the natives when they need, need, need you? Can you turn off your phone and buckle down? What are your success strategies?


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5 responses to “Help! When do I write?

  1. Here’s the catch: life gets in the way of writing at times, but life, and its experiences, is what has turned us into writers, and it is life that continues to give us material. The cycle is a little unbalanced at times, like riding a bicycle with a flat tire or a bent rim, sometimes we struggle up a hill, sometimes we speed down the other side, sometimes we peddle and keep up the momentum, sometimes we coast. Just don’t get off the bike, Jess.

  2. I do have trouble actually writing, especially now when I’m in the research stage for book two, waiting for agents to peruse book one, wondering if rewrites will be needed, and having so many questions. I’m a do one task, finish it and move on kind of girl. Starting book two is exciting but I would so love to have book one out the door first. I guess I’m not too old to change, so that’s the good thing, Jessica!

    • Never too old to change! Never give up! Never surrender! (Churchill)
      I know that I should be working on three projects at one time, and I sort of am. I do have some things that need re-writing, some things waiting on editing and some things in development. But I agree. It would be so nice to put a DONE mark next to a project and feel like it’s actually finished. However, even after a project has sold, then it goes into more edits, then promotion. Then when its life with that publisher is over, it’s time to consider re-submitting it, or even self-publishing. I’m not sure a project is ever actually DONE. Good thing we’re flexible!

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