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It’s coming. The day when you have to move out of the house you are in and not just downsize, but really downsize. The day when you move into that cozy, tiny, one bedroom, retirement apartment. Or really tiny bedsitter. Or the dreaded room you share with some stranger.

Okay, it’s not coming for a long time for me. But as I help my folks downsize it makes me want to do it all now. Get rid of the junk, streamline my life. All those pillow forms I purchased just waiting to be stuffed into pillowcases I quilted with all the left over scraps of fabric? Gone!

Yes, it’s true. Watching my parents labor to move into an apartment that’s less than half of what they’ve been living in for the last forty years has driven me to get rid of things. And the first things to go are the crafts. I have tons of craft stuff. Things I was really enthusiastic about for a year or two and then something else took its place and now I have twelve large totes of unused craft supplies. It will all be going soon.

I started with the fabric because truthfully, some of those projects are just never going to get finished. Half sewn dresses that are way out of style. Entire baby quilts that just need quilting. (Okay I kept those, I will get out that needle and quilt them!) But what about all those clothes from 1990 that I might fit into someday? Are they really out of style?

And what about all those things my parents have passed on to me? You see, in an effort to hang on to stuff they find important, they attach importance on to an item and hand it to a child. Then it will go on, in someone else’s house for generations. That’s a true talent. How to have your children hang on to your stuff for you. I have no space for their stuff. I want to get rid of my stuff!

So I’m starting now. I am taking books to the used book store and I have a charity pick up on Monday. My goal is to clean out so I can do something useful in my basement, like raise my own organic mushrooms. Now that’s a hobby!

What’s lurking in your basement, attic, shed? Do you have clothes from the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s? Is it time to say, “NO MORE!” or are you having sympathy pains for those people on Hoarders?

Check out Elise Rome’s March Madness this month for prizes and authors galore!

And Google has a very cool Celtic Knotwork heading today for St. Paddy’s day, so google something just to see it.


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6 responses to “Prepare for your Doom!

  1. I am NOT the hoarder in our household. Hubby is. But, he keeps his “stuff” in the storage area above the garage.

    Part of that “stuff” includes copies of his files from 34 years as a police officer — those that involved homicide. Cold and solved cases. Now, those are this writer’s treasure.

    The boxes of ancient Christmas decorations I wouldn’t display on a triple-dog-dare? Not so much.

    • No wait a minute! Don’t you have, like, twelve Christmas trees? Are you telling me that you have ornaments you don’t use???
      And unless I miss my guess, you are planning on downsizing at some point. I hear the pitter patter of Elves running to the Gloria Richard Christmas Bonanza Garage sale at some point in the future. (Blaming it all on the husband, typical!) (None of my clutter is actually mine either, well maybe a few books and trinkets. The rest is all Jeff’s!) 😉

  2. The last kid moved out for the last time in November. Our house has been in transition for the entire 8 years we’ve lived here, so big time clearing out phase. I’m going through books today, and have a corner of my basement set up as staging area until I can move it all outside for a garage sale in May. Everything will go cheap cheap cheap, so if you’d rather accumulate…

    • Yay! Good for you Sherry! I never am organized enough for a garage sale, it all ends up a the local charity thrift store. Good for them! I have a pile of bags set to go out on Monday. Yippee!

  3. The fine weather here in Ontario–yes it’s shorts weather in March!!!!–has got us cleaning out the garage, washing windows, preparing yet another big box for the Diabetes pickup people. I swore when we downsized to this condo that we’d never let a new thing come into the house without something old going out. I’m glad my marriage vows were a lot more enduring!
    I come from a family of 13 children and my mother did something really great for us all when she downsized and sorted through her treasures, giving each of us a few wonderful and special things. She disposed of the rest herself. I treasure my things and I love that my siblings have their bits as well.
    Here’s to all those moments of treasuring and disposing. May we all have both, often.

    • That is one of the most difficult things about downsizing and helping your parents downsize. Is it treasure? Does it truly have significance, or is it just more clutter. And if you have a lot, can it all be significant? It’s been hard letting some stuff go, but it has to go. I did take my mom’s hand made christening dress the other day. I have no idea what to do with it, but I just couldn’t let it go. Some things truly are treasure.

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