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Little Red Riding Wolf by Jessica Aspen

With the advent of Little Red Riding Wolf I’ve been zipping around the blogs, and there have been some inventive and challenging questions. But there have also been some questions that every blogger asks in their interview.

What made you write this story? or Where did you get your inspiration? or Why twist a fairy tale? or Where do you get your ideas?

It seems we are fascinated by the idea of creation, especially story creation.

I, of course, started with the seed of a story from a traditional fairy tale. Actually most of my finished works are twisted fairy tales. Why? Well not only is it easier to start with a framework, I think it’s fun. Fun to take a classic story, strip it to it’s bones and re-flesh it with your own ideas.

I’m doing that now with the sequel to Little Red Riding Wolf. I’m taking Seth, a character from Little Red, who has really taken on the role of the Big Bad Wolf and morphing him into the prince. Taking a villain and changing him into a hero is a challenge, but changing him into a character that doesn’t even really have much of a role in the story is even tougher. There are very few bones for Seth.

But while I don’t have much structure to play with (Do you even remember the Prince in Snow White? He comes in and saves her with a kiss.) that means I have a ton of flexibility. I can make up as I go. And that gives melot’s of play, extra rope to hang him , or to rescue him.

Since I’m really adding an entire character arc to the story I need to make sure that my other twisted character arcs have a strong relation to the original. When you twist too far people can’t recognize the old story, and funnily enough, that can be upsetting. I have another story that I entered in a contest, and it is obviously a twisted fairy tale, but when I introduced less elements from the story one person got upset. They felt that if I was going to twist a tale, I should stick to it. Needless to say that’s not the point of twisting fairy tales, but what is the point?

As I play with Snow White and write Snow and the Seventh Wolf I find that staying within a familiar story line gives us the structure, taking it out of the familiar gives us the interest. It’s that balance that keeps us hooked.

Leaving you today with the trailer from Mirror Mirror, another twist on Snow White. Looks to be very fun!


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10 responses to “Find Answers to the Question Everyone Asked

  1. Sometimes I think my life is a fairytale but other times it’s definitely a comic book. Maybe you’d like to write a story about it? LOL

  2. Waving HI to Elaine! My imaginary world is a fairy tale.

    When my imaginary and real worlds collide? Comic book, definitely. Wile E. Coyote.

    Jessica, I know that you know that I know that you know* that our current versions of those fairy tales are not the originals. They began as quite twisted tales for the most part.

    *permission to refill coffee cup granted.

    • I truly hope real life isn’t like a fairy tale. Cinderella slaved for years with those stepmothers and Little Red Riding Hood watches her grandmother get eaten by the wolf. Snow White’s stepmother sends her off with the huntsman to be killed and poor Hansel and Gretel have it really bad!

  3. Oh, Jessica, it’s hard to please everyone, and you know what you’re doing a great job twisting tales. I’m with Elaine and Gloria–very happy in a fairy tale world!

  4. I so wanted to see this anyway, but now that I know Nathan Lane is in it, I’m going to camp out on the theatre steps.
    Sympathy for the Queen. If my corset were that tight, I’d be cranky, too.
    Twist away, Jess.

  5. From a wolf to a prince…wow. I like the twisted concept of the redeemed bad boy.

    • Ahooo!! That does sound like a fairy tale. Usually it’s geese though. I don’t know what the roots of the fascination with geese and transformation are. That would be an interesting paper to write. 🙂

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