Spring is coming! Believe it or not!

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Spring is coming.

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  Okay, it feels far-fetched looking out at the remainder of last weeks snow storm and knowing there is more snow coming. And it seems even more far-fetched when you know this seems like one of the coldest February’s I can remember. But it’s still coming!

And even though it’s bitter (around 22° f for my morning walks) I can see the beginning signs of spring. The cavorting owls that woke me up a few weeks ago, hooting up a storm. The squirrels chasing each other around the bare tree limbs. But most of all it’s the small sprigs of life poking up through the dirt. The bulbs.

I can tell what’s coming already. My neighbors have some slender crocus peeping up, no flowers yet, but they’ll show up eventually. And it’s not just the early bird crocus I can see. My daffodils and even a few brave tulips are poking their green heads up, and it is truly exciting.

And if you look closely at the trees, there are buds forming on those barren branches, signs of emerging leaves way ahead of when I truly expect to see them. It’s coming, despite the frigid weather.

It reminds me of Dr. Suess’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. After the Grinch stole the Who’s Christmas, it still came. There was nothing he could do about it. And there were no signs it would show, but the Who’s had faith and Christmas came anyway. And so does spring.

So as I work my way through a few dozen to-do’s and panic at the on-coming final judging responsibilities for the Award Of Excellence, I know spring is coming. Through the winter and despite anything I do, it still comes. The AOE will be over and summer will be coming on and I’ll make it through.

What gets you through? What small things do you see everyday that have you taking a deep breath and continuing with a lighter heart?

Stock Image - Three crocuses

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8 responses to “Spring is coming! Believe it or not!

  1. Everything is blooming where I live. It may have been as warm as 70 this week. I’m sneezing my head off. Tomorrow, I head to Philly and I’m sure I’ll be wishing for the warm weather. 🙂

    • Of course when you live somewhere warmer spring may not seem quite so elusive. In Colorado, March is typically the snowiest month, so it’s nice to see traces of green. Sorry about the allergies, I’m allergic to everything so I’ve moved to shots, it makes me like spring much more than I used to!

  2. Jessica, I love to see those tender blooms of colour and life and wonder at their courage when the wind still blows fierce, when the snow and ice are still on the ground.

    I read this post listening to a bitter wind howl and ice pellets tink-a-tink on my window pane.

    The signs of spring awake in me. It is a time to sort and arrange and clear, in my home, and in my inner self.

    • Truly poetic, Sherry. I love it!

      I expect more snow to come, I think that’s why the bulbs are some of my favorite flowers. I meant to plant crocuses in the fall, but didn’t. Now I have to appreciate the neighbors when they bloom. But since I’m out there almost every day, that’s easy to do!

  3. Since the weather has been crazy (cold one week & warm the next) in my neck of the woods (NC) there are plenty of signs spring is coming. Spring reminds me that despite life’s hardships and coldness there are chances for new beautiful beginnings. Spring is about hope and faith-things which also keep me going.
    Enjoyed your post as usual!

    • Thanks Juliette!
      Colorado weather is typically like your crazy weather. We are usually really warm, then really cold and our spring is so short that people from out of state who move here say we don’t have one. But we do, you just need to look through the snow for the green. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I have a calendar in my bathroom that shows each month and I write in my family and friends’ birthdays. Looking at it in the morning reminds me people I love and who love me. I’m all about the people, you know? Flipping over to March was fun but baring April’s lovely page will be thrilling. Yes, for the birthdays and the lovely pink posies, but also for Easter and Spring! Time to buy myself some forced bulbs, I think, to help it along. 🙂

    • I’ve thought about forcing bulbs myself, I hear it’s pretty easy, but haven’t done that yet. Spring must be a little later in showing up in your neck of the woods. We get sporadic warm weather mixed with our chilly days, and really we aren’t that cold down here on the plains. Forced bulbs sound like a great alternative to waiting for spring to arrive!

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