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This has been a crazy month, and I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be on my goals.

One thing that has progressed, whether I’m there or not, is my Write It Forward Class with Bob Mayer. I started the class with the idea that I would figure out a plan for where I should go as an author. What I really wanted was for Bob to hand me a list and a plan and say, “Go get ’em!”

Well, that’s kind of what happened.

Actually, as Bob says, no one can plan your career but you. So my hopes of having a plan are still hanging on me, myself and I.

Not Bob.

And that’s good. Why should I hand my life over to someone else’s check list? Why shouldn’t I decide what should go on the check list?

Turns out what I really needed wasn’t a plan from someone else, it was the “Go get ’em!”

And Bob delivered.

I’ll be going over his lessons many times over the next year as I try to figure out this crazy publishing business and my goals. Do I really want what I think I want? What should I be writing? And is self-publishing a realistic way to go? What about my publisher? What about my next book?

None of it is easy, but I’m the only one who can answer those questions.

Meanwhile, I have to share some Bob-isms. His dry sense of humor is sprinkled throughout the lessons and I now have started keeping a list on the refrigerator to remind me to face my fears and “JUMP!”

“Not taking charge of your career will doom you.”

“Write what you are afraid of.”

“Saying I can’t is really saying I won’t.”

“There is no 99% when jumping out of an airplane.”

These are all from the Write it Forward class, which is also available in book form from Who Dares Wins Publishing.

Are you waiting for someone to help you figure out your career? Who is going to be better at that then you? While you’re waiting for your white knight, how are you spending your time?

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13 responses to “JUMP! It’s your life!

  1. ME? IN CHARGE OF ME? At first, that scared me. Where were the “boss imposed” deadlines? How was it that I wrote MORE per day when I worked full time than I did after I left Corporate America?

    Because of the baubles. The shiny baubles of miscellaneous malarkey that had nothing to do with long range goals. Sounds like I could use a healthy dose of Bob Mayer.

    At least I have the picture of Little Red driving me forward on the MG series. Now, to get a grip on blog postings for March so I can focus on that. There’s the ticket.

    Off to find interesting news tidbits for blog articles. And, I’ll see YOU, Ms. Jessica Aspen, on the 12th. Right?

    • I can’t wait! I get to finally swing in Gloria’s Hammock. Guess I’d better get cracking on those interview questions!

      As for the writing; yesterday I stuck a post-it right where I can see it and it says “My Job Is To WRITE!”
      Just in case I forget. 🙂

  2. Wouldn’t it be easier IF someone else could do the planning? 🙂

    • I read all the time authors who are looking for agents to do just that. Their plan is to find an agent who will take charge, but really, the agent is in charge of their own career and their goals may not mesh with yours.

  3. Having complete control of your writing career is scary and exciting. I am planning my career and deciding what I want to accomplish. I’ve been seriously considering going the self-piblishing route but have heard that publishers have resources that indie authors only dream about. Do you think this is really true?

    • Having just finished Bob’s course I’ll say that I’m in agreement with Bob. Self-publishing is hard work, it can be re-warding, but it’s hard work. Bob recommends that anyone going for self-publishing have three great books to sell, and be working on number four. There is no reason why you can’t do both, but do your research.

      My publisher is great! My book went through three different people for editing as well as a fourth person for the formatting. They did the cover, ISBN and all kinds of things for me. I am able to spend more of my time writing. Not all publishers are the same, so shop around and make sure you like your contract. And good luck with your writing career. Are you on Twitter? My tweeps and I tweet out great resources all the time for writers so come follow us!

  4. I love those quotes. Thank you so much for sharing them. And congrats on taking charge of your own check list! 🙂

    • I’ve really enjoyed the class, even if I haven’t been the most vocal participant this month. It is a very good time in my career to re-focus and re-plan where I’m going and doing it with an experts long term eye was very nice!

  5. Having control is scary but it’s better than having our fate in the hands of others who often make decisions based on faulty data.
    I appreciate the mention!

    • You deserve the mention. I’ve learned a lot and I printed off everything so I can go back and review. (And not just because you said to do it!) It seems easier to let others take control, but at the end, when you turn around and realize you would have made different decisions, I’m sure it’s frustrating. Much better to take control, even if it’s scary, and do it yourself.

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