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I have to do it. I have to post my favorite YouTube video of all time. Now, if you have ever taken Spanish, you will find it hysterically funny. If not, well, try it anyway. Just the pure cheese will get through to you. And you may know enough Spanish to get it. I’ve seen it too many times to count and I still think it’s hillarious.

Wait, too much build up. I should tell you it’s terrible, then you’ll really find it funny. Here goes.

I have to admit, I find this man strangely alluring. I don’t know if it’s the Spanglish or the Captain Kirk style of seduction. Yes, I am cheap and easy, which is why I don’t get drunk without my husband around. Very dangerous!

What was really amusing about this video was how funny my Spanish teacher found it. I had a terrific Spanish teacher when I went back to school a few years ago. Very dry sense of humor. She loved this video! And BTW, I still can’t speak Spanish very well, it keeps getting mixed up with my high school French. Maybe my brother was right and I should have taken Esperanza.

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13 responses to “TOO FUNNY!

  1. I HOWLED when I first saw this video (after you sent the link), Jessica. It’s just as funny the second and third time through.

    I held my breath, mumbled, “please don’t use this in a vlog, jessie, please don’t use this in a vlog, jessie.”

    Then, whoosh. Dreams dashed! I got a chat message from you. “Guess what? I think I’ll use this on Saturday.”

    Drat. Topic change alert!

    My HS Spanish teacher’s name was Senora Honora Pecora. No joke. It really was.

    • Oh that is too funny! Usually daughters keep their parents name when they marry in Spanish cultures, so she must have had some cruel parents! Or maybe it’s considered very attractive to do something like that.

      I’ve seen this video so many times, and it’s still great. I hope he got an A in his class. I think he did a second one, but it’s not as funny.

  2. Chuckle, chuckle. i guess I qualify as I had three years of Spanish at university. Funny thing is, when we went to Spain a few years ago I had no vocabulary in my head. My sentences were non-existent and my pointing finger got a real workout. I guess university was just too long ago.
    Thanks for the Saturday smile, Jessica!

    • Glad it made you smile. I do have chances to use my Spanish, we have a large population of Spanish speaking people in our area, but I swear the words don’t come until later in the day. Or the next day. I think if I went somewhere they didn’t speak English I might remember more, but when we’ve been to Mexico they all speak beautiful English. Sigh.

  3. Too funny, Jess. I remember telling Carole (St-Laurent) recently, I’d like to work on my French, I have a pretty good vocabulary from school, but it is limited. How many times can I realistically work, ‘Ou est le biblitheque?’ into everyday conversation?

    And now, here it is, in a Spanish Love Song!

    Je m’appelle Sherry. J’habit a Toronto. J’ai une chat, elle est noir et brun. C’est l’hiver, il fait froid. Au revoir, mon ami!

    • Okay, I had to go back and re-play it to find out if he really uses ‘Ou est le bibliotheque?’ because my French and Spanish are so intertwined it’s crazy. and the word for library is the same in Spanish as it is in French. You’ll have to play it again, and listen close! I wonder if we hear what we are familiar with? I would think that up in Canada you would use French a little more often. At least you have an area of the country where they use it more often, okay, maybe not in your area. Down here taking French was just ridiculous. Unless I planned to work somewhere they spoke French. Now, when I try to speak Spanish, I get Franglish. Very sad.

  4. What a funny video. Love the open shirt with his hairless white chest! I used to go to Spain every year for two weeks on holiday for probably 10-15 years and yet can only speak a few words of Spanish. Typical Brit! My French is better and I love the thought of trying to fit ‘Ou est le biblitheque?’ into everyday conversation!

    • It’s so funny how we all take these languages, but then never use them. I love the way he adds in the Taco Bell menu and French. The funniest line ( and the one that’s given me the most trouble) is the “No remembero how to say eleven.” Now I struggle every time I’m looking for the verb, to remember, in Spanish. I believe it’s actually “no recuredo”, but I can’t be sure!

  5. Wait a minute, I have to go change my pants you just made me laugh so hard.
    At first, I thought it was going to be serous, but then I couldn’t stop laughing. The funny this is the girl kept a straight face.

    I gotta watch it again! Thanks for the giggle!

    • Can you believe what a great job she did keeping her face straight. I wonder how many times they had to film it before they got her without laughing! Glad you dropped by and enjoyed it!

  6. Brinda Berry

    I had my one year of Spanish and found I could at least remember the numbers…lol. Very cute video. Here’s the sad thing. I was a French MAJOR in college and didn’t use it, so I couldn’t translate even if the video was in French.

    • Well, don’t feel bad. It doesn’t actually have any French till the very end, when he says Au revoir. The biblioteque line is “Me gusta el biblioteco” and that translates as I like the library. Funny how we hear it and translate it anyway into the familiar French. That’s why my brother is an Esperanza fan. It’s a meld of all the most popular words in the popular European languages, so you can talk to almost anyone! When he went to France he said it really worked!

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