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From living with wolves and breeding what we now call “man’s best friend”, humans have gone all the way to almost exterminating what was once the most predominant predator on the planet.

My novella, Little Red Riding Wolf, tells the story of a werewolf pack that lives in the Colorado Rockies. What many of you may not be aware of it that there are no official wolves in Colorado, they were hunted out many years ago by ranchers and settlers. In fact the wolves we have in the US Rockies now were re-introduced from Canada in a controversial re-population program that has been fought tooth and nail by ranchers across the west.

Now there is evidence to support that introducing wolves into areas such as Yellowstone has had postitive repercussions by lowering the number of wild elk and increasing the number of Aspen trees. With a name like Jessica Aspen, how could I resist the temptation of the wolves?

The  Were pack in my fictional town of Radon, Colorado has survived by their isolationist practices as well as controlling any outside jobs, such as Colorado Park Ranger positions.  When that system fouls up and a stranger becomes the local forest ranger, everything is threatened. It’s no wonder that my ranger, Evan Brewster, finds the small town to be not just unwelcoming, but hostile.

But to Red he’s everything a small town girl shouldn’t want. A hot sexy stranger who will take her mind off of her small town woes. She just plans only on indulging her lust, not on falling in love.

Meanwhile Evan is seeing signs of wolves in a state where there shouldn’t be wolves. This is a career changing moment for the young biologist ranger. And a tipping point for Red’s brother Seth, who knows that Evan is a threat who must be eliminated.

To find out more about wolves or if you would like more information on wolves and wolf re-introduction here are some links:,_gray.php

And don’t forget to enter my Little Red Riding Wolf contest HERE . There are lots of prizes including wolf t-shirts and shopping bags.
For some lovely wolf pictures and howls you can play this video I discovered on YouTube

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6 responses to “Something You Don’t Know about Little Red Riding Wolf

  1. Brinda Berry

    What a haunting sound! My dogs are freaked out right now and my little one is barking. Those are some interesting facts that I didn’t know. That’s weird that the Aspen trees were affected. It sounds like you’ve done some research.

    • Isn’t it weird. The Aspen trees in Colorado are having trouble in certain areas right now and they aren’t sure if it’s due to pollution, climate change or something like this. Those elk can be destructive. Wolves are pretty interesting. Sorry about your dogs. Mine slept through the howling. Labs are pretty level headed!

  2. Cat hasn’t moved from her curled up position in front of fireplace, but her ears have perked a few times.

    Man plays with nature like children dance the hokey -pokey. Take the bad wolves out, put the wolves back in. Who knows what was changed when the wolves were pushed out of the area? Reversal isn’t necessarily the answer.

    Indeed, these are interesting facts I didn’t know about Red Riding Wolf, or about wolves. And now for the smooth segue: 17 things you don’t know, today, on Gloria Richard’s blog.

    • OOOH, very smooth. Nicely done Sherry. I’ll have to find time to run over there. I’m not sure what the answer is, but Yellowstone reintroduced wolves and their aspens have bounced back. I’m sure having extra predators helps cull the starving of Elk and antelope and deer herds as well. What I do know is that our mountain people population has grown tremendously in the last few years. More houses everywhere. Boulder was smart and limited growth in the foothills, so the view is preserved (and habitat), but we do get the occasional grumpy bear in the spring, or mountain lion issue.

  3. Okay, now you’re really getting me interested in Little Red Riding Wolf! You sneaky thing, you. Seriously, way to go, Jessica. You’ve raised interest for both your book and your state.

    • I love the story, but don’t forget-it is spicy! For those looking for spicy it’s a fun read. I think the topic of Colorado history is fascinating. This is not a historical though, maybe sometime I’ll have to write one about the settlers and the wiping out of the wolves (were-wolves). BTW same time as they wiped out the Native Americans from the state. We are an aggressive species.

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