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Sometimes this business is about blind faith: the action of moving forward even when you can’t see your feet.

I’m starting a contest, I have a blog tour lined up, and I have no book in hand. Am I crazy?

It sure feels that way. From the moment I opened up my email from Passion in Print Press and saw the contract, my life has felt a little surreal. Like, at any moment, someone is going to shake me awake and yell “Psych!”

As of writing this I have no edits for my book yet, but my editor assures me they are on the way and my January will be a whirl of edits. I do have a cover. I do have a release date. But without the edits I have to wonder, will it all come together? That’s when you have to let it go and trust your publisher. And that can be difficult.

Actually, it makes me realize that this whole writing thing is an exercise in faith. We pick up our pens (okay, open our laptops) and start pouring out our souls onto the paper. We do this without any assurance that someone will even read it, let alone like it enough to publish it. We do this in a sublime state of naivete, confident in our ignorance that we can do this and they will like it and they will buy it. And then reality sets in.

After finishing your first WIP, you have to stop writing. Stop editing. And let someone read it. This is cliff-walking. This is scary.

This is a leap of faith. Putting your baby into the hands of a stranger to read for the very first time. (Or in my case, a very good friend. Thanks K2!) You bite your nails, fret, stop yourself from emailing ten times a day to ask if they like it. And, hopefully they do. But then it’s on to the next cliff.

You have to send it to a publisher, or an agent, or a contest. You have to, eventually, take the leap and let it go into the cruel hard world. And it is cruel. We get rejected. We get hurt. And then, if you are going to succeed, you have to do it again.

Authors are cock-eyed optimists, we have to be. Only an author would take rejection, over and over and over and then still send it out, just that last time. When I heard Sherilyn Kenyon’s story about how she had been rejected, lost her publisher, lost her agent and still sent off her story with her last stamp (from the car where she was living with her family), well…it’s just another example of how crazy we all are. How crazy you need to be to succeed.

So here I sit,  frantically typing blogs for my over zealous blog tour for my first baby novella. Setting up contests and buying swag, all in the hopes that: yes Virgina, there will be a book.

What leaps of faith have you taken lately? Have you sent off your ms, yet again? What about contests? Any Golden Heart entries?

And don’t forget to enter my Little Red Riding Wolf contest. You need to start HERE on the Paranormal Freebies site. Little Red Riding Wolf will be available (my fingers are crossed, which makes typing very difficult) on February 18th, from Passion in Print Press.  And I’m celebrating with giveaways!


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15 responses to “Blind Faith

  1. Have I been where you are? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, not with the CONTRACT! But, with the angst over “what have I done?”

    I sit here this morning biting my nails over whether I’m ready for Warrior Writers Boot Camp. My first meeting. Am I prepared? What should I take? Can I finish my first draft in thirty minutes?

    When I wrote my first manuscript, i often let people read it while I sat across from them.

    If they laughed: “What? What was funny? Did you like it? Was that a ha-ha laugh, or an ‘OMG this is horrible laugh?'” If they didn’t laugh. It was worrisome. So worrisome, I’d try to pull the papers back. “Oh, crumb. You’re bored. You have better things to do with your time.”

    If those readers had been teachers with rulers (back-in-the-day), I would have permanent knuckle damage.

    As surreal and mind-blowing as it seems. you are about to become a published author and you SO deserve it. Enjoy the journey as much as you can. Think of it as a roller-coaster ride. It scares the patootie out of you. When, its over, you line up to ride it again.

    • It should be called Fear Factor! It is scary, and every single piece of it is scary. I started Bob Mayer’s Write it Forward class this week and the first thing he deal with is FEAR. And of course I think, I’m not scared of anything! But obviously, I’m scared of everything. 🙂

      You are a Warrior! No Fear! (Although I’d be scared about finishing a first draft in thirty minutes. Gracie is staying home, right?)

  2. Brinda Berry

    I’m the planner. I like to know a date for everything. One of the hardest things for me has been to acknowledge that not everyone is like me. I don’t have a date for getting my cover for book 2. I don’t have a firm date for my print release. It’s almost like I think a date with a note on my calendar confirm, “This will happen.” I completely empathize. BTW, I posted a reply to your Irresistibly Sweet Award post. 🙂

    • Hi Brinda! I didn’t know you were having a print release. Is that for the Waiting booth, or for the next one? I’d love to read the Waiting Booth, but I don’t do the e-reads yet. (A nook or something is on the list.) Very exciting!

      It’s always nice when the people you are working with are, in fact, actually working hard and coming through for you. But still…waiting for other people (, actually it’s really depending on other people) to do things is difficult for me. I continually think it would be easier if I did it all myself. Of course it would be a lot of work! And I would miss out on the nailbiting. 😉

      • Brinda Berry

        It’s the print release for The Waiting Booth. It would be nice if it is prior to the second book’s digital release. Maybe one release will support the other. (??)

      • OOOH! I’m excited! I am sure one release will support the other. That’s really the way things work now. The more you have out, the better. Good for you!

  3. Cock-eyed optimist here, but isn’t it all worth it when we get the call?

  4. Right with you, Jessica. It’s hard to have faith, though, when steps I’ve taken in good faith have sometimes not turned out well. Wish I had known five years ago what I know know. Nevertheless, it’s all learning and therefore all good. Keep slugging!

    • Would any of us have started down this road if we had 20/20 hindsight? I’m not sure. But I love what I’m doing and it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had considering I have no money and it’s taken this long to get where I am. Yeah, I think only the optimists succed in this business, that or the really dumb. And since none of us are dumb, then I guess we are all optimists!

  5. I completely agree. This is why I believe we also need to have faith in ourselves and a genuine enjoyment of the process. Because then, even if no one ever reads it, it still feels like success just to have completed it.

    Many congratulations to you on all you’ve already accomplished! I’m sure your edits will come in with plenty of time to finish up. Your publisher must have a lot of faith in you to let it get so close. Take that as a good sign. 😉

    • It would be nice to think it was faith on my editors side, but truly I think it is part of the e-pub world. Things are just super fast and super condensed and as a newbie author I have super nerves!

      BTW, my editor did send the first round of edits and they did go very fast, we are on to the next step where it goes to the line-editing department. I should have those edits back soon! It’s really happening!

  6. So very true, Jessica. I find one of the hardest things is knowing when to let my baby go. I’m doing Margie’s edits at the moment to my novella Rhapsody and I could just edit it forever. Of course that’s the insecure mom talking, not quite sure if her baby can make it alone!

    • Editing is my Achilles heel. I really understand the urge to edit forever, especially on those early manuscripts. I put way too much time into them already to let them go and they need more and more editing, that’s for sure! I think that’s what my CP’s have done for me. They not only point out the things I’ve missed (even with all my editing) but they also will tell you “Stop!”. And I know you have some great CP’s! 🙂

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