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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Jessica! The year you become published (with your first of many books).

    That cover still knocks my socks off when I see it. Great and unique prizes, by the way. I shared them on FB. I don’t want to win a book. I want to buy one that’s been signed by YOU to Gloopy. The T-shirts? Save one for me.

    If the WOO HOO U Margie Lawson IMC, September 2010 class pulls off the reunion this year, I’ll want signatures on mine from you, Joan and Sherry.

    • If we pull off the reunion this year we should have t-shirts for Woo-Hoo U! Let’s see if we can get that cool photo from Margie with all of us around the fountain in Boulder. I love that pic! Maybe I’ll ask her about it today.

      Thanks for all the well wishes and thanks for everything. You are one reason my 2011 was amazing!

  2. Juliana Palmcook

    I would love to read the book and win the giveaway…

    • Great! Did you enter on the link so I have your information?? The rafflecopter widget is on the paranormal freebies news page because WordPress won’t support it here. Just click on the link and start entering! You already have one step done. 🙂

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