Revenge of the Dryer Balls!

Sensational Saturdays

run for your lives!

If you missed the first dyer ball exposé click HERE for “Why Everyone Needs an Extra Set of Balls” then come on back and find out today’s scary installment.

It’s happened, my husband is down to one ball.

Christmas Eve fell on a Saturday, and since I had finally successfully finished shopping on Friday, (you can read about that HERE) I concentrated on the cooking. Hubby focused on what he usually does on Saturdays, the laundry. Everything was going along just fine, until he asked me to flip the laundry. (That means I get to come upstairs with the dry clothes and fold them. A tricky way for him to get out of that part of the job)

I went downstairs and pulled the clothes out and lo and behold there was only one lonely blue ball in the dryer. WHAT! I’ve purchased at least three sets of the things. Where do they go?

So I did the unthinkable. I got down on my knees and looked under the dryer, dug through the cobwebs and there, at the back of the dark crevice one was hiding.

Now for those of you with washers and dryers that sit on the floor, you might be wondering how I could look under the dryer. Well, my husband doesn’t like to bend over, (NOT even going there) and we have a front loading washer. So now you ask, why isn’t it up on those cute little stands? Because when we purchased said washer I, the short person, did all the laundry. And I like to be able to reach the controls on the older dryer that are at the back of the machine.

Are you still with me?

Now Jeff has taken over the laundry and he (NOT going there) doesn’t like to bend over. So instead of going out and purchasing said, cute, washer dryer stands, one day (when I was not home) he built his own. To his height specifications.

To his credit, he did ask someone female to see if she could reach the dryer controls. Somehow it didn’t occur to anyone that she’s three inches taller and has much longer legs and arms and can reach them easily. Now I cannot reach the dryer controls without standing on my tip-toes and squshing my, umm, chest on the dryer and stretching my fingers to reach the dial. We are not even talking about the two shelves of cleaning supplies above the dryer. Jeff says his next project is to build me a step.

So, now, under my washer and dryer, where everyone else has clean white pained steel. I have two by fours and a large spider calling empty space. One where the dryer balls think they can hide.

But I’m smarter than the average dryer ball (NOT going there either) and I found the sucker, despite it’s best efforts to look small and innocent. Back into the dryer it went only to disappear again. Now Jeff is getting frustrated and I can’t find it. The sucker did a good job of hiding this time.

Now, for some reason, we washed the bed linens on Christmas Eve. Everything, including the mattress pad, and as we were late getting out the door to my parents house one of the last things we did was throw the bed back together in two minutes flat. Then out the door and off to dinner where we stayed till almost 11:30. By the time we got home and finished the last of the wrapping and got everyone into bed, and played Santa, we were pooped. It was nearly one AM when I in my kerchief and Jeff in his cap climbed into bed. And what to my wondering ears should I hear but “What the @#%&!”

There, under the sheet, under the mattress pad, lying in wait was one of those spiky blue balls. Lucky Jeff. So now he has two balls again!

Drop by tomorrow for the unveiling of my new contest to promote Little Red Riding Wolf’s release from Passion in Print Press on February 18th, 2012.


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11 responses to “Revenge of the Dryer Balls!

  1. Brinda Berry

    I’m glad to hear that all is ….intact now. I remember the original dryer ball post. 🙂 I think it’s what drew me to your blog.

  2. Too funny. It’s good to hear others have the same chore-dividing issues as we do. The reason I do laundry is my husband does all the vacuuming and I’ll do anything to avoid that chore. Of course, in the early days he escaped doing laundry by turning a whole load of whites to pretty pinks. Not so bad for my undies, but he was a real hit in the men’s locker room. Now we buy dark colored undies for him and I do the laundry.
    Happy New Year!

    • I love it! Pink undies in the locker room. LOL! I used to do all the laundry but when I work Jeff does it, and he’s such a creature of habit that he keeps it up even when I’m on the home rotation. Nice for me!

  3. Depending on how you do the math, Jess, one could say Jeff has three. Yeah, I know. NOT going there, either! Cute, snort-worthy tale.

  4. SNORTED out loud reading your tale of the missing balls, Jessica. Especially since he finally found his missing ball when he climbed into bed. Must. Not. Create. A. Scene. Just. To. Use. That.

    DH tries the “could you get the clothes from the dryer” and “I washed the dishes” with me, too. The old “big whoop!” You turned on a loaded dishwasher, now it’s my job to unload it? You moved sorted clothes from washer to dryer, now it’s my turn to fold them? I started using The Look.

    I grew up with two parents who were experts at The Look. (Actually witnessed a mom using this the other day on a misbehaving boy. I thought it was a lost art form.)

    For the record, it works for husbands, too. Most of the time.

    • The look also works on granddogder, FYI.

    • Ah, the LOOK. Yes, I do have that down pat. And it works great with the kiddos, but I save it for OTHER THINGs with Jeff, like, “Can’t you see I’m writing here?” and “I’m sorry you chose to take today off and didn’t warn me ahead of time, but I have things to do.” See I save it for my “cheese” moments. (If any of you missed Gloria’s post, who stole my cheese, you need to go to ASAP!)

      For the laundry he gets the “long suffering wife” look. 🙂

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