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Wow, what a difference a year makes. A year ago I wrote the first Jessica Aspen Writes blog (click HERE).  I remember not having the slightest idea if I’d be able to write a blog, what a blog really would mean to me, and being very scared that I’d run out of things to say. Well I guess that hasn’t happened, so you’ll all have to pay up!

I was determined to use Jessica Aspen Writes as a springboard to publication. And guess what? It’s happening. Next month (as I’m sure you are all well aware) my debut novella Little Red Riding Wolf will be released in e-format from Passion in Print Press on February 18th.

A year ago, as I wrote my first blog (about my proposed journey as a pre-published author)  Little Red  was sitting meekly in it’s file. Waiting like Cinderella for some polishing and re-writes before being sent off to the Passionate Ink’s Stroke of Midnight Contest, where it made the finals! I squealed and jumped for joy!

As you might remember, I found out in July that it had won an Honorable Mention. More squealing and jumping and actual celebrating by going out to dinner!

The finaling in the contest and the Honorable Mention gave me the confidence to pitch it at the CRW mini-con in August. And much to my amazement they sent a contract right away! I delayed telling anyone because I am a naturally cautious person, but it was true, they did want it. And now my year of being a new blogger is up and I’ve traveled around the game board to a new starting position. Debut author.

Now I invite you all to share with me the next year in my adventure, becoming an experienced published author. I’m spinning the wheel again and starting off with another blog experiment. The famous Blog Tour. Here is a list of where I will be for the next few months:

Jessica Aspen on Tour

January 2012

February 2012

March 2012

I hope to see you at some or all of my stops. To everyone who’s been with me all year, thanks for all the support. And to those of you who are new to the game, thanks for dropping by. I hope to have more successes to share this year. I’m definitely motivated to keep going and I will continue to write and submit my other novels. Gotta get rid of the day job somehow!


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4 responses to “The Wheel of Life, revisited

  1. I don’t see my blog up there, Ms Jessica. You have an open invitation!

    Yea, you for 2011. Your feet are already pointed toward the stars in 2012.

    • Thanks Gloria! I think we talked about your blog, but haven’t set a date yet. Thanks for all your encouragement and support, I am so grateful I met everyone at WOOHOO U in 2010. All of you have made such a difference in making this last year amazing!

  2. What an exciting calendar of events!!! Congratulations and I look forward to visiting the stops.

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