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My guest for today’s Moonday Mania is Meggan Connors. Megan (as you might pick up from her post today) writes everything from dark paranormal to historical. Her debut novel, The Marker, not only has a gorgeous cover, but a terrific plot. Please welcome Meggan, and her struggles with her muse, to Jessica Aspen Writes.

If you’ve visited any of my sites recently, you’ll see that my muse has been giving me fits.

The issue is that she’s busy, but not in the way I want her to be. Conversations with my muse of late have centered around the sweet sounds of the seventies and what I should do with the two pounds of cranberries my husband bought a few weeks ago.

It is unfortunate for me that the seventies are alive and well in my head. It’s not like these songs are evoking memories for me. I barely remember the seventies.

And yet, I find myself pondering pina coladas and getting caught in the rain (I’ve decided that while I do enjoy a good pina colada, getting caught in the rain is cold. And wet, but not in a good way). I find myself contemplating showgirls named Lola, which invariably leads to thoughts of Charo.

Yes, Charo. I don’t get it either.

Somehow, Charo leads to memories of my mother’s Renault Le Car. I can sing every one of Neil Diamond’s songs because of the rocking eight-track in that car. It still doesn’t give me anything to write, but now I have Sweet Caroline on repeat in my head.

I’ve tried to drown out the voices with Rihanna and Mumford and Sons and The Killers.

Instead, I get, Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

               For the love of all that is holy, muse, give me something to write! Or at least stop the infernal singing. I’m begging you.

What happened to your love of the tortured stuff? I could at least work with that. Come on, if we’re going to sing songs from the past, why can’t it be something from my past? Depeche Mode, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, or something like that. I could work with that. But I can’t do anything with these vague flashbacks of being four years old and getting carsick to John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High.

It’s enough to drive a (relatively) sane girl completely nuts.

Thanks for having me, Jessica!

Meggan Connor’s ( next book will be titled: Lola’s Rocky Mountain High is Close to You, Sweet Caroline. She smells a bestseller. At least, that’s what she thinks she’s smelling. However, the dog is close by…

Find the Marker HERE

Her real book, The Marker, was released December 14 from SoulMate Publishing, and

can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the SoulMate website ( She loves to hear from readers, and you can find her at or on Facebook. We’ll be having prizes and giveaways, so friend her and find out about them!

Thanks for sharing your struggles with your muse, Meggan. Share with Meggan how your muse taunts helps you. Or let her know about your love for the seventies music. Cheesy, but fun to rock out to!


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16 responses to “Fighting the Muse

  1. Funny you should write that as this morning I told my husband I just want to take off. I don’t want to write or cook or clean or make up a Christmas letter to email (it’s getting crazy late, isn’t it?) or do anything other than shower and go somewhere fresh and new. With no deadlines and no expectations. I just want to be.
    Well. Here I am back at my computer waking up my brain to another musing day of editing. Kudos to me for slicing my nose on the grindstone. And to you for mastering your muse, Meggan.

    • Elaine,

      Good for you for getting back to your edits, though your plan of going someplace new sounds good to me. I’d go somewhere where I could have a pina colada (maybe Rupert would stop serenading me, then!)

  2. Brinda Berry

    Dear Meggan, You need to try harder to drown those songs out of your head. I would certainly lose my everlovin’ mind if I had to listen to Sweet Caroline and Rocky Mountain High on internal loop. For the sake of all music decent, your muse could at least throw in some music by KC and the Sunshine Band and Earth Wind and Fire. 🙂 Your post made me smile and hope I don’t get any of those songs stuck in my head today.

    • Brinda,

      I blame my mother. Those were HER songs. 🙂

      If you do get those songs stuck in your head, you have my sincere apologies. And yes, I DO need to get my muse’s musical selections under control before I lose my mind!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Alas, Meggan, I do remember the seventies. Cute, funny, lively post, but I wonder, is there a reason you can not set a dark paranormal in the seventies? (Seventies classifies as historical–for my kids, at least!) I think a serial killer who soothes his soul and the demons that haunt his days and torture his nights by chilling out to Karen Carpenter on eight track has potential.
    Embrace the Muse!
    And yes, you may use that tag line in your query! Just remember me in the acknowledgements.


  4. Hi Meggan, please tell your muse thank you from me for taking me down memory lane…been awhile since I’ve thought of John Denver, pina colada’s, Neil Diamond and all the other things you mentioned! lol

    Congrats on your new release and your muse will be back on track soon..she might just be enjoying the holidays 🙂

    • Thanks, Christine!

      I sure hope that’s what it is. As I recall, I did this last year, too (though not to seventies’ music, thank heaven). Maybe the muse is prepping a new book for the new year, and we’ll at least move on to 80s’ music!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Callie Hutton

    Down right scary when your muse takes a vacation. Good luck with The Marker. I’m into chapter two, and loving it so far.

  6. ACK! I’m a day late, but LOVED you voice, Meggan. No comment on the songs it was singing.

    I remember exactly what I wore when I first danced to Buffet’s Margaritaville. Sadly, it was not “ain’t she sweet” toddler clothes. If bands from the seventies have to play in my head, give me Jimmy and CCR and Chicago.

    Congrats on your book! With that fun voice, I’m certain it’s a fun read. Then again, you know Jessica, and she has that werewolf-in-the-forest dark side…

    • Hey! I can be funny! Wait till you see my shape-shifting granny! But I think Meggan’s the Marker hits a more serious tone than boogieing to the 70’s music? Right Meggan? I haven’t’ read it yet, but it’s a pretty hot historical according to the reviews, with good historical detail and “toe-curling passion”.

    • Hi Gloria!

      Well, we do all have our dark sides, that is for certain. I’ll admit to a certain fondness for torturing my characters. After all, the day job requires that I be perky all day; the kids require that I be perky after that.

      But after once they’ve gone to bed, welcome the evil puppet master! Bwah ha ha ha!

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