Happy Holidays: the Blog Hops are Here!

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Click this link for fabulous authors and prizes all during December!

Today I am a guest over at Mare’s Place for the Countdown to Romance 2012. Hop on over and read about the holidays in my fictional small town of Radon, Colorado. In Radon werewolves keep themselves secret from the general public, and Red and Evan discover forbidden love.

Looking for more Holiday Treats? Another cool holiday hop going on is over at Gloria Richard’s blog. The suggested theme for this blog hop is for participants to write a letter to a real or imaginary pick-an-age-year-old. Find and post pictures of yourself at that age. Write a letter showing what it was like during that one window of time in your life. Or you can write from a character’s POV. Gloria even suggested, if anyone dares, the villain’s holiday memories. Gotta love that Gloria!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday when I have fabulous multi-published author Starla Kaye as my guest. Starla will be helping us understand the pitfalls behind writing a romance anthology. She has a few twists in her writing to keep readers intrigued throughout a book of shorts.

Now I’m off to the CRW holiday potluck where we get lots of terrific prizes for completing our goals, and consoling pieces of chocolate for those we were unsuccessful at. I hope your December is filled with warmth and love and lots of friends, just like CRW. Happy Holiday’s!


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4 responses to “Happy Holidays: the Blog Hops are Here!

  1. Thanks for the nudge to The Holiday Memories Blog Hop, Jessica.

    Hopping over to check our your post at Mare’s Place.

    Does all this hopping count as aerobic exercise? No? Drat!

  2. Brinda Berry

    It sounds like a busy weekend. I also spent Sat. with the local RWA writers, DIamond State Romance Authors. I love those Saturdays. I check out the blog hop!

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