Getting Ready for NANORIMO 2012! (Because it’s now too late for 2011)

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Another year is setting and again I missed out on NaNoRiMo. I don’t know why I want to participate. Maybe it’s the camaraderie, maybe it’s the glory, maybe it’s the cool t-shirts. Whatever it is, I want it bad.

But apparently not bad enough. Every year I plan to participate. This year I planned on it from the beginning of January. I plotted and planned and didn’t make it. Another year where my life got in the way of my writing. Actually, this year I did get a tremendous amount of writing done.  I finished a 20+ novella and am finishing edits on a novel. And I even tried my own NaNo in August. (I did not make 50k and just ended up depressed.)

But, there is always next year! I am hoping to not be at the day job next November. (Okay, stop laughing.) I have it in my goals that next year is the year I can quit the day job and just focus on the writing, so obviously, it must happen. I wrote it down!

I’m nearly there. With Little Red Riding Wolf set to release in February I have a good start on quitting. The day job doesn’t actually pay me very much and it’s only for part of the year, so it’s not impossible!

And guess what? I have two YA novels plotting in my head, competing for that coveted NaNoRiMo spot. I’m not sharing the plots just yet (I’ll let you know if and when I actually get to writing), but I definitely want to write them for next November. (At least one of them.)

So, it’s not even 2012 and I’m getting ready for next year. How about you? Have you ever managed NaNo? Even a few thousand words? How did it go? Has anyone ever completed the fifty thousand? Whose with me for next year? (Don’t forget, I’ve bailed on this every year because of the actual need for cash in the drawer instead of a massive amount of words, but I’m game today!)


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16 responses to “Getting Ready for NANORIMO 2012! (Because it’s now too late for 2011)

  1. I did NaNo last year. I was close but not a winner. It REALLY stressed me out. I decided to sit out this year since I had edits with a deadline on a contracted book. I’m thinking NaNo just isn’t for me. Now, someone may say I think that just because I didn’t finish last year. I think it’s because I like to write under less stress. 🙂

    • I can see that. I really had a difficult time in August, trying to do more words. And I really stressed when I hit a bump. It became tougher to deal with the small stops and starts because suddenly, instead of 1k words behind, I was 3k behind and needed to do 7k in a day. But I was on Rachel Arron’s site the other day and she’s increased her output from 2k to 10k. I’m going to try some of her system this year and see if I can get above writing 2-3k per day. We’ll see!

  2. tashaseegmiller

    I like it just to see how far I can push myself. I have learned that 1k is in my grasp. So I want to do that for another month (crazy one at that) and then see if I can’t add a couple hundred each week to really get my writing moving.

    For what it’s worth, I have done it four years in a row and haven’t won yet, so I’d be a great partner for you next year 🙂

    • I’m impressed you’ve done it four years in a row! I’m pretty good at getting 2k in a day, if I have plotting done and if I have the time. Given those two things I never manage the numbers needed for NaNo. Sounds like you have a good plan for improving over the year so you are really ready for next year!

  3. Jamie Pope

    I want to do it too, but only because all my writer friends are doing it. But I know myself and would probably get depressed that I didn’t get all 50,000 of those words in.

    • I love Margie Lawson’s goal setting techniques. Set a reasonable goal and call it your winner goal, then set a higher goal and call it your super star goal. Even if you don’t hit the 50k, you are still a winner. 🙂

  4. I only found about NanoWriMo recently when it was close to the end. Might be up for trying it next year. Gosh, that means I can’t go anywhere for A MONTH!!!

  5. Well, you know I’ll be there and I’ll be happily cheering you on! I’ve participated for the last four years and reached 50k every time. It really is doable if you have the right support system so start mingling with the Wrimos now. 🙂

    • Are you saying that mingling goes on at the site all year? Do you socialize over there too? You are so busy Jamie, I can’t believe it. I am impressed that you’ve written the 50k every time too. Even if I hit the 30k I’d be thrilled, that’s half a book, right?

      • Yes, they do hang out at the site all year. It’s not nearly as busy but there are definitely people there chatting. You can also find people on Facebook who participate and will be willing to cheer you on when November rolls around. We had a great group this year on my Facebook group.

        I say as long as you get more written in November than you would have if you didn’t participate, your writing wins!

      • I completely agree! And because of working this November I got zero writing done, so anything in November would be a bonus! It might not be a novel, but it would be something. And actually at 20k you have a nice little novella, so I say “let’s go”! Of course you are a stellar experienced Nano person, so you’ll have to lead. 🙂

  6. Hey Jessica,

    January 2010 I plotted out the year specifically so I could participate in NaNo. I’d already completed two novels. The challenge for me was to shut off my inner editor, my life, and most importantly, my self-defeating excuses, and prove to myself that I could sit in that dang chair everyday for a month and write. I made it, with a few words to spare. (And swore never to do it again!)

    Make it happen next year, you will revel in the accomplishment, and if, for some reason, you do not cross the 50k finish line, you will write, probably more than if it were not for NaNo, and that will make it worthwhile.

    WOO HOO NANO 2012!

    • Never again??? Oh Sherry, come on! If I do it, say you’ll do it too! Just kidding. I remember you doing it last year and I think it’s very impressive. It takes great determination to sit in that chair day after day and not be on Twitter, Yahoochat and FB instead of type, type, typing all those words. Next year, here I come!

  7. I did do NaNo two years ago, and while I did finish my 50,000 words late on Nov. 30th, it was hard work! This year, I did have fun cheering on my fellow Nano-ers in my virtual writing world. I was also thinking, phew, I’m glad I’m not doing that this year, but you guys go-go-go.

    It was a great feeling to complete the challenge, but I learned it’s not the most productive way for me to get a decent rough copy done. I do need a little more time to think as I write.

    Maybe 2012 is the year for you, Jessica. I will be happy to put on poms poms for you!

    • I want the t-shirt! I’m sure the copy would be very rough, and that is one thing I’m trying to get better at with my new ms. But I think that has more to do with detailed plotting beforehand, than with writing fast. I believe, that for me, when I have the plot set the words come pouring out. Do they need some Margieizing, for sure. I tent to edit my ms at least 3 full times at this point (not including the tinkering!). I’d like to get that down to two.

      I’d like to accomplish it at least once, it’s kinda like repelling. I did it once, now I know I can, but I don’t want to make a hobby of it. Then again, maybe I’ll love it! Robin D. Owens does it every year and has for a long time.

      And I will want pictures of everyone with their pom poms!

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