Introducing the Amazing Carolyn Cooper

Analytics were something I never gave a first, second or third thought to before I began taking classes with the amazing Carolyn Cooper. I started with her class on how to improve your website, moved on to her analytics class. I learned an amazing amount. If you are the kind of person who wants a bargain, likes to receive way more than she paid for, take one of Carolyn’s classes. There was so much amazing information, here I am months later and I still need to go back through my notes and figure out what I didn’t absorb.

I love, love, love classes like Carolyn’s that are packed full of the information I need, but I find that it takes months to digest the information. I take the class, get a little knowledge into my brain, then I have to put it aside for a little while. Take it out later and digest it over months so the information isn’t overwhelming.

If you need a basics course on tweaking your website or blog, my first post on Brinda Berry and Gloria Richard (find HERE) will get you started. If you are ready for the big time take one of Carolyn’s classes, but don’t say I didn’t warn you! I have it on my to-do list for December, to go through my class notes from Carolyn’s class, and go step by step tweaking and fixing the small things that will cascade my blog to stardom!

And then maybe I’ll be ready to absorb Kristen’s class in January. I posted about Kristen Lamb last week. (Click HERE) She and Caroline teach overlapping information, but they focus on different aspects of the same idea. Both are incredibly valuable and I definitely find it of value to take classes on the same subjects from a variety of people. Why? Because one will teach you in depth about subject A, and a little about subject B…and then the second teacher will do the opposite.

While both teach about social media and tweaking your website, Carolyn focuses more on using your analytics and your page layout, as well as Twitter, FB, etc. Carolyn also works with more than just authors, so her classes, while targeted to authors, bring in a different dimension. She’s been marketing since she was at her mother’s knee, and working with computers and communication almost as long, so she is a veritable encyclopedia (does anyone even know that word anymore?) of information.

Where are you on your path to blogdom stardom? Are you just taking baby steps? Finding out how to add pictures and bling to your site? Or are you ready to dig deep into the wide world of Google Analytics?


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5 responses to “Introducing the Amazing Carolyn Cooper

  1. I feel like I have about 8 balls bouncing in the air with names like revision, blog post, rewrite, research, blog post, video interview, writing, and rewriting. Every day I wonder which will land.
    I aim for SM about 1/2 hour a day but don’t always make it. My writing blog gets my attention Tuesdays and Fridays if I’m having a good week. My revision, rewriting, rehashing takes so much of my time that my upcoming New Year’s resolution is to banish all tasks starting with ‘re’. I wish.
    Bottom line? I haven’t tried Google Plus, struggle along with Hootsuite, through which I keep up with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and put on my blinders for a lot of the exciting and new SM stuff out there. I can only do what I can do. I love it all but mostly my attention is to my writing.

    • Hey, without the writing, what is it all for? I know that authors used to have to travel a lot, and now its easier because its all online, but now its constant and needs to start before you even publish. You can only do what you can do. I think knowing your boundries is just as important as adding extra social networks. IN fact much more important. And I know you are a class junkie too. Wasn’t it you who attended the Women in technology conference last year?

  2. Brinda Berry

    The classes sound great! Thanks for the mention. I use Google Analytics and track approx. four website/blogs. It’s a great tool. I took a workshop at a conference earlier this year on how to roll out a marketing campaign and track your results from specific marketing. It was very enlightening. I already follow Kristen, but I’ll have to check out Carolyn’s classes.

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