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Once an author becomes serious about being a professional author it is difficult not to find yourself wondering what in the world is this marketing thing and where do I start?

Never fear, Kristen Lamb is here!

My go to expert for social media is Kristen Lamb, one of her recent posts (click HERE) touches on something I am just now starting to struggle with, analytics. Kristen’s blog always has something of interest to writers, but her social media expertise is what keeps me coming back. She is the author of my favorite social media book, We Are Not Alone. We Are Not Alone is the book that got me thinking about how to blog, not just spitting out words on the page.

In We Are Not Alone, Kristen focuses on the whys, wherefores and what the hell-do-I-do nows of social media. Kristen walks you through every step from developing a brand to what you should and should not be doing on your blog.

I am in direct violation of Kristen’s advice with this very column! Kristen says you should be blogging on what you are writing in order to reach readers. And of course, blogging on writing violates that very idea. That is exactly why I added my Thursday’s Bite blog, which focuses on Paranormal. It’s also why I developed Paranormal Freebies “A place where paranormal readers and authors converge.” Both of these endevours tie me to readers who may or may not be authors.

Kristen’s other book Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Writer is blog focused. That is on my TBR list, once I finish We Are Not Alone. I’m sure I’ll find out just what else it is that I’m not doing right. Actually I plan on doing most of what Kristen says, and on, I actually have. On that site I have book reviews coming up on the first Monday’s of the month. I have a variety of interested authors blogging on interesting topics, and I get to blog there myself on all things magical and mystical.

Kristen not only has these two fantastic books to help you along, but she blogs regularly on topics ranging from marketing to editing to the social faux pas that can kill you on Twitter. And she’s funny. Did I mention that? Just go look at the tab on her website about the Pants of Shame. 

It’s because of Kristen that I started reading The Tipping Point and I’m now thinking about how to make not just my posts “sticky” but maybe somehow my book or my pen name. Hmm, who knew we’d all want to get sticky? The Tipping Point is a great audio read when you have a long drive, although I hear the rights are in turmoil so I don’t think you can purchase it in audio. The library is where I had to go to read Malcom Gladwell’s thought provoking book on what makes epidemics tip. Now I understand the Twilight epidemic.

Kristen also teaches classes at Bob Mayer’s site Who Dares Wins Publishing. I have on my to do list to take a class from either her or Bob or Jennifer Talty this year. It’s on my bucket list and at an affordable $20-$40 for an online class all I have to do is find the time. Okay, I’m making the time.

In the meantime you’ll find me in doctor’s office’s, waiting in the car to pick people up and at the breakfast table, highlighter in hand, pouring over We Are Not Alone. And of course I drink my coffee in the mornings looking over Kristen’s blogs. You should too. Just don’t have a mouthful of coffee when looking at the “Pants of Shame”. I refuse to be held responsible.

Have you checked out Kristen’s blog? What is your favorite piece of advice she gives? Have you read the post on WHAT WENT WRONG WITH THE STAR WARS PREQUELS? If you have, tell me, isn’t that the best Darth Vadar costume ever!?


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15 responses to “Kristen Lamb

  1. Author Kristen Lamb

    What an awesome way to start the day. Thank you! Actually, in the year and a half since I wrote WANA, I’ve discovered even better, more effective ways of blogging so I REALLY hope you take my workshop in January. You have a great blogging voice and I think this workshop would get you super excited (even more so) about blogging. Social media is always changing so I am always figuring out even better, faster, “funner” ways of doing this social media thing in ways that leave time to write MORE BOOKS.

    You have a blessed day and thanks for being such a blessing to mine.

    • Thanks Kristen. Another workshop in January? I’m thrilled! And it would be just in time for my blog tour for Little Red Riding Wolf. That seems like almost karmic timing. If I can get the blogging thing down and write more books, that would be awesome! Thanks again!

  2. I’m a Kristen Lamb fan and agree that she gives us some terrific information. I changed my Twitter ID on her advice after stubbornly holding out. Also, I love Gladwell’s books and am pretty sure that I own The Tipping Point on audio from Great post!

    • I’m so jealous! I would love to own the Tipping Point on audio. But I’ll be haunting those used book stores and I may give in and purchase a paper one after all. Is there anyone out there who isn’t a Kristen Lamb fan? Well, once they discover her, they will be. 🙂

  3. HI Jessica! Good morning to you westerly people! You hit a good point for me personally with the advice to blog on what you’re writing. I must do more of that. Thanks for the kick in the seat of the pants!

    • Follow Kristen. She kicks me in the pants on a regular basis. (did you go see the Pants of Shame?) Once you read We Are Not Alone, you’ll know its great advice. But personally, I do love the writing columns!

  4. Looking on KL’s site for info on the January blogging workshop. Am I blind? Yes. Help. Please.

  5. I for one am glad you posted this blog, Jessica. Kristen’s blog looks like a good one. And thanks for the reminder that we need to blog about what we are writing. Will keep that in mind!

    • We all love our writerly friends, who support us and actually visit and comment. Thank you everyone. But, in the end, readers are the reason we blog. Otherwise we are just having a fun chat fest! Having said that, you notice I haven’t given up the writing blog yet! Slow to change, that’s me.

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  8. Thanks for the awesome references. I’m trying to figure out how to promote a blog offered through Kindle. I’ll definitely look through those references.

    • Hi Deidra, thanks for visiting. If you are looking for another source, Elaine Cougler’s blog on resources ( turned me on to Sexy Savvy Social as well. She’s not writer oriented, but she has some great SM tips!

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