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Today I’m posting my end of the month Thursday’s Bite Book Review, delayed one posting by the amazing Hillary Seidl’s take over of Thursday’s Bite. I plan to be back on schedule for the month of November, so check back on the last Thursday of the month for a new review and another Bite.


Erin Kellison rocks!

Not only is she amazingly sweet and funny, but she can really write romance. Her book Shadow Fall is the second in the series that began with Shadow Bound and continues with Shadow Man out September 2011. I had the opportunity of meeting Erin at Rom Con 2011 and she made our paranormal games a blast.

Shadow Fall tells the tale of ballet artist Annabella whose talent for ballet creates a link between our world and the shadow world. Annabella’s grace and beauty lure not only a shadow wolf, but also tempt a fallen angel, Custo.  Custo’s tale of desperation as he races time and deportation back to heaven to save Annabella from the stalking wolf intertwines beautifully with Annabella’s ballet and the world’s battle against the wraiths.

Confused? You won’t be. I read this as a stand alone and was up to speed immediately without being bogged down in backstory. Ellison’s skill as a story teller sucked me in and kept me wanting more. And I’ve awarded her the coveted five omegas, ΩΩΩΩΩ not just for a superb book I’ll want to read again, but for creating a fabulous series that call me from the shadows.

If you’ve read the first book in the series, Shadow Bound, you will have already met Custo. I have yet to read the first one, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the story of Adam and Talia the half-breed daughter of the Shadowman himself. All three of these characters play important roles in Shadow Fall, but the stars are Custo, Annabella and the wolf.

And if you’re like me and love a good series it looks like the fourth in the series a novella entitled, Shadow Touch, will be out June 2011. Definitely add Erin to your TBR pile, in fact put her on the top!

Today is the last day in my Halloween Treats giveaway in celebration of my novella Little Red Riding Wolf available on February 18th, 2012 from Passion in Print Press. Leave a comment to enter in today’s drawing for The Bride Wore Scarlet and to get a final entry into Monday’s drawing for three grand prizes of swag bags and B&N Gift certificates. Contest closes Sunday, October 30th night at midnight!

Thursday’s winner is Sherry Isaac! Congratulations and send me your address through my contact box and we’ll get you your prizes!


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4 responses to “Shadow Fall Review

  1. I do love a good series. This one sounds action-packed! I would have to go back and read the first one, because I’m weird like that. Thanks for the book review on this book.

    • I seem to always get the third book in a series! Then I have to either jump in, or read it. Most of the time I just read it and see if I can follow along. Erin does a wonderful job not telling you too much about what happened in the first book, so I know it will be a fresh read when I do read it. But I definitely prefer to read first ones first!

  2. This review pulls me and and my overheated Mastercard toward Amazon, Jessie–right where by financial control freak (affectionately called hubby) does NOT want me to go today. Good thing I ignore him most of the times.

    Erin, KUDOS on your successful series and ability to write a compelling series where subsequent books in a series aren’t loaded down with back-story.

    Thanks for a great post, Jessie. And, another “read” for the growing pile list, Erin.

    • Nice to know I can influence you so strongly! Now, I’m sending you thoughts: Go buy Jessica a latte. Go buy Jessica a latte. Go buy Jessica a Latte.
      Sad thing is even if it works, I’m not there to imbibe!
      Thanks for dropping by Gloria! And Erin is definitely an author to support!

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