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I’m thrilled to see so many new commenters on Jessica Aspen Writes! I love communicating with everyone. Those who know me know I am pretty talkative, so thanks for jumping in and feeding my conversational need. Once again this was confirmed at the CRW writers retreat I attended in September where we were lucky enough to have the talented Margie Lawson helping us figure out our personalities and our self defeating behaviors. Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in today’s contest!

Are you riding the horse, or is the horse riding you?

Self-knowledge is one of the things Margie Lawson teaches in her Defeating Self Defeating Behavior courses and she was only able to cover a teeny tiny portion during the retreat, but I could still spot the wheels turning in everyone’s brains as they looked a little deeper into themselves and their various reasons for not getting the job done.

Are you like me? Very social and liable to be caught up in too much tweeting or blogging and never having enough time to finish your project? Or are you caught up in repeating the self defeating, it’s never going to happen so why bother. Whichever you are you have a problem. Either the work doesn’t get finished or it doesn’t get sent out. Whichever one is your problem, or if it’s something altogether different, Margie has it covered in her course. Margie is the woman with the solution.

If you’ve ever taken a Margie course, you know she fills it with tons of wonderful information. At the retreat we only had enough time to take a quick peek at our personalities and what might be holding us back as well as make lists of doable goals for the retreats. I discovered I’m pretty balanced on three out of four of the personality styles in the survey she had us take. This means that my talent for organization and my ability to socialize are just as strong as my positive enthusiastic side. What I’m lacking is the self-confidence and forceful pieces that might push me to say, submit my work?

Once again, Margie is the woman with the solution!

Her terrific system of goals have helped me tremendously since I started her Defeating Self Defeating Behaviors course. Making two lists, winner and superstar, keeps me on task and keeps me from beating myself up when I don’t get everything done. It also lets me reward myself with something fun, say Tweeting, when I have to do those tasks that are not so fun, say sending another letter after the first query asking “what happened to my query?” Rewarding my efforts that are difficult has helped me to achieve the things that are hard for me. Thanks Margie!

If you haven’t take a course from Margie Lawson I highly encourage you to do so. Her online courses have a tremendous amount of information and she has several for each stage of writing. We only had a taste of Defeating Self-Defeating Behaviors at the retreat, but I know (from my personal experience with Margie’s courses) that you will discover things about yourself that you never knew. And address those issues that hold you back. Even if you feel that you’re on track, you can still find a wealth of information to get you organized and over any issues you might have.

You can find Margie’s courses like Defeating Self Defeating Behaviors, and many more, at her brand new online school, Margie Lawson Academy!

What kind of self defeating behaviors do you struggle with? Have you ever taken Margie’s course? What strategies work for you?

Leave a comment and enter to win today’s Halloween Treat book, Kate Moore’s To Save the Devil. All entries go into the final drawing for the three grand prizes! Thursday’s winner is Sharon Clare! Send me your address through my contact box and I’ll be mailing prizes out next week! Congratulations Sharon!


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7 responses to “Bijou from the CRW retreat, Margie Lawson

  1. Again I ask…are you inside my head, Jessica? Your self evaluation sounded like you were describing me. And probably lots of others. I never knew how hard it would be to keep sending things out hoping for a positive response. I think that is because I tend to structure my life around positive happenings and that’s how I stay happy. Therefore I tend to stop activities that don’t bring me an immediate reward. Perhaps I need to reshape the goal and make sending out the queries the positive so that I can continue. Thanks for this thought-provoking post, Jessica!

    • it is tough to continue to send things out, but the writers who do are the ones that succeed. Look at the big names and most of them will tell you they worked very hard. Some of them took years to hone their craft with short stories and magazines until finally getting “the call”. One of the best things about receiving my first rejection was that it enabled me to go PRO with RWA and that has opened up many doors. Now I need to keep writing, writing, writing, because as the big names will also tell you, you’re only as good as your last book. And if you don’t finish the next one, well…..
      Every week I have to get myself back on the writing schedule after the weekend. I’m considering trying the 100 words every day to make sure I write on my WIP every day so Monday’s aren’t so difficult. I’ll let you know when i actually try it!

  2. Great post, Jessie! I’m on my way to Atlanta to catch a flight home I just spent a week with two fellow Margie Fan-a-tics. Margie is the BEST thing that’s happened to my confidence and craft as a writer.

    EEK! So wish I could be at the awards tea today. Regardless of the outcome today, finaling in HOTR is an honor. Something I doubt would have happened before Margie. On to GH!

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