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It’s a wild ride.

From the first moment I decided to write for publication, that was my goal- publication. Now that may sound obvious, but I know many authors who say they are interested in publishing, but they never seem to do the things they need to do to get there. I understand this. It’s easy to let yourself slide into all the myriad things that need to be done and never actually do the few things that will get you to publication.

Why is that? It’s because actually publishing is scary.

It’s scary for me too. From the moment I sent off my first manuscript and received that first rejection I was on a wild ride. First the anticipation and hope of sending it off. Then the deep depression when it comes back, rejected.

Some authors get thrown off and never get back on. They want to publish, even have a deep desire to be published, but the thought of receiving another rejection letter is overwhelming. It’s tough to get back on that horse when your spine is bruised and your ego shaken.

But the reward is great. When I opened the email from Passion in Print Press and saw that it had not just a letter, but an acceptance letter and a contract for Little Red Riding Wolf…well let’s just say I was higher than the top of the stands.

But it’s not over with the acceptance. Then, as a newbie, I’m worried about everything. Is the contract what I think it is? Should I sign? Should I send it certified mail or pay the extra five bucks for Priority? Did they get it? Will they send it back signed? What do I do next?

And worst of all. I can’t stop here. I have to keep writing, keep submitting, and maybe even court another one of those rejection letters. Up and down and up and down, authors have to have wills of iron and buns of steel. Because I know the ride doesn’t stop here, it’s just beginning.

It’s October and my first annual Halloween Treats Contest in celebration of the acceptance of my spicy paranormal novella Little Red Riding Wolf (soon to be released from Passion in Print Press). To enter leave a comment for me and I’ll be announcing the winner of today’s free book on Thursday October 6th when Keridak Kae is my guest blogger. Today’s free book giveaway is Liz Carlyle’s The Bride Wore Scarlet.

And the winner of Saturday’s book is Casey Wyatt! Please email me your address through my contact page and I’ll be sending out books next week! Congratulations!

The winner of The Bride Wore Scarlett is Brinda Berry! Congratulations Brinda, send me your address through my contact page and I’ll send out your book next week! Congratulations!


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10 responses to “New to the Rodeo

  1. Brinda Berry

    I understand completely. My publisher is probably sick to death of my questions about processes. The questions don’t end after you sign the contract. 😦 Keep the faith. You are not alone.

  2. Good post, Jessica. You smacked the nail really well. As I prepare for my first authors meet agents and paulishers conference I know I have to be ready for the roller coaster. Wish me luck!

    • Best of luck Elaine! I’ve found on pitching the best thing to do is be yourself and relax. They really can’t tell much about your book besides the fact that it would be something that might fit in their line, what they really want to see is do YOU fit into their line. And with your professional attitude, I’m sure it will go well!

  3. Oh, I am on my iPad and it likes to do things to my spelling. The word I meant above was ‘publishers’.

  4. Yes, nothing beats the high of someone wanting to publish your book. And nothing toughens you more than being told “no thanks” a hundred times. Congratulations! And keep writing.

  5. I can’t wait to get published! Just need to finish the damn manuscript, find more editors of your caliber and brilliance, then get through the first 50 rejection letters before, finally, finding the right agent and publisher who will offer me mega-billions for my book and subsequent film rights! Delusional, moi? Congratulations on your success and can’t wait to read it when it comes out.

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