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Wine, writing and song, (okay, nobody sang, thank God) that’s what writing retreats are made of. As many of you know I attended my very first Colorado Romance Writers September Writing Retreat last weekend. As to why I didn’t write about it last week, well I was still processing.

Our estimable retreat organizers packed the weekend with workshops, hilarious games and time to write. In fact there was so much going on I was never bored and wished we could keep going for another few days. It seems like September is the month for writer’s retreats as my friends Sharon Clare and Sherry Isaac at Romance and Beyond as well as Elaine Cougler were also at their own lakefront retreat and I’ve read of others who were retreating as well.

Why do we have retreats? One of the things I learned was that everyone goes to CRW’s retreats for different purposes. Some went to connect. To make new friends, see old ones and to get that piece of the business that writers are frequently shorted on, face to face conversation. Some went to write. To have time in a beautiful mountain setting where there were no kids, no job, no pesky husbands vying for their attention. Some went not knowing what they were going for, but all went home satisfied.

Why did I go? I wasn’t sure at first. This was my first retreat and I didn’t know really what to expect. I packed my laptop and WIP, hoping to finish those stubborn last pages. I packed two bottles of wine, hoping to spend time with friends. And I packed my Ipod, just in case I wanted to shut out the noise and really work. And I did all that and more. I did do some work (I should underline the word some) on my WIP, I socialized and played games. But I also attended all three of the quality workshops.

Workshops presented by the fabulous Margie Lawson on Defeating Self Defeating Behaviors, Ann S. Brady on handling the grief of rejection, and Liz Pelletier of Entangled Publishing on what editors are looking for in today’s tough market. All three were so fantastic that I decided they each need their own blog. So look forward to future Moonday Madness posts detailing each one. I can’t take you on the retreat with me, but I am sure going to try!

How do you refresh your inkwell? Have you attended a retreat lately or is it still on your bucket list?


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7 responses to “bijoux

  1. As you mentioned, Jessica, I am fresh back from a retreat, but am heading to Atlanta in two more sleeps to par-tay with my peeps! Carole St-Laurent, Sharon Clare, Gloria Richard and I are attending the Moonlight & Magnolias Conference. Yippee!
    Four women, one bathroom. it will be interesting, and will certainly test the bounds of our friendships. We built in an extra day on either side of the conference to reconnect, let loose, have fun, SHOP, and talk writing.
    To be with like-minded friends sharing similar goals is more refreshing than a moonlight dip in mountain lake.

    Re: Par-tay. I suspect we’ll all be tucked nighty night by 10:30! But we’ll be crackin’ at dawn.

    • I am so excited for the four of you! It will be a blast, and I’m sure you will manage the one bathroom just fine. I think it’s great you planned extra days on either side just to have fun and re-connect. I wish I was going! But I hear you are all Nationals bound and I am too, so I will be part-ay-ing it up in July of 2012 with everyone! Have some fun for me!

  2. Hey, Jessica! So glad your retreat was awesome enough to be called a bijou (jewel). Ours certainly was, as you said. This week I am spending three days at my husband’s conference in northern Ontario. It’s lovely here near Huntsville and the sun promises to shine throughout our stay. While hubby dashes around and does conference stuff, I get to sit, undisturbed, in our room and write or do any number of writing-oriented things. I am on the first floor with a patio and lovely large fir tree outside. There are even lawn chairs where I can sit with my iPad2 and read. All this solitude and yet I’m still connected to the world. Gotta love it.

    • OOOH! It sounds lovely. Glad you are getting writing done and in such a lovely setting!

      And thanks for the subtle spelling correction. I’ve fixed it on the blog! Much appreciated since it has been many years since my HS French. 🙂

  3. Sounds like your retreat was a great success, Jessica! I’m going to check out your links in a minute and will look forward to your upcoming posts.

    I’m off to Moonlight & Magnolias conference in Atlanta tomorrow with Sherry, Carole and Gloria. I’m so looking forward to spending another weekend immersed in writing!

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