Who’s Haunting the House on Third Street?

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I’ve written my first ghost story. Brrrr.

I was inspired by watching My Ghost Story on the Bio Channel, which I was inspired to watch after reading Hillary Seidl’s blog Hillary’s Haunts on ParnormalFreebies.com. I frequently watch historical programs on hauntings because I love hearing the old stories about castles and haunted inns, but My Ghost Story has a more personal bent. On My Ghost Story modern people tell the stories, although they may be about older ghosts and spooky mansions.

This particular story was written also because I had a need to fill. On Paranormal Freebies we will be having a sign up for our e-zine and as a bonus for signing up we are going to be giving away free fiction! So I needed something to give away. Something short, for our anthology and something paranormal. For some reason I had trouble writing a short romance. But a ghost story, ah, now that came fast.

I love ghost stories. I have those collections I bought as a kid, and some I’ve purchased as an adult. I love to go on the tours (especially the night tours) and get scared. Stories about tragic deaths, murders and lost souls turn me on. I guess I’m a little twisted.

I have ghosts knocking around in my head that want to have a full length novel too, but I’ve told them they have to wait in line. The elves and witches and were-wolves were there first. No, no! Say the ghosts. We were here first. We’ve always been here.

And they are right.

Ghost stories have been with us as long as we’ve had death, and they’ll be with us until the end. We even have stories of ghosts in space. Want to see a truly scary movie, watch Event Horizon. You won’t sleep.

We write stories, make movies and even sing songs about ghosts.The Highwayman, Have You Seen the Ghost of John? are two examples that come to mind. “Wouldn’t it be chilly with no skin on?”

One would think ghosts were a new phenomenon. Suddenly there are almost enough shows on TV to have an entire network. You can watch celebrity’s share their stories, go on ghost hunts, and sleep in haunted rooms. If you want ghosts, they’re out there.

I prefer the older types of ghost stories, so The House on Third Street is modern but has an old fashioned feel. I think it’s something about ghosts, that even the newest ones feel old. Like they’ve been there forever. Maybe it’s because they will be.

What kind of ghost stories do you like? Are you a fan? Do you love to secretly watch them bang around in the dark with all that equipment on TV? Or are you like me and love the historical houses with their years of tragedy. Ghost layered upon ghost. Leave me a comment and share how you get your ghost fix.

And if you want to read The House on Third Street it’s  available HERE.


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12 responses to “Who’s Haunting the House on Third Street?

  1. Good luck on this venture, Jessica. You are doing a great job of promoting your writing! All best wishes.

  2. I remember reading The House on the Hill from Mom’s Readers Digest book collection when I was a kid. I read that one over and over b/c of the thrill of it.

    Today, my preference in ghost stories are set in historic homes in modern times, with a troubled spirit wandering the house. Perhaps a young woman whose life was cut short and she can’t bear to leave the place where she met her soulmate, or the spirit of an unsolved murder victim seeking justice and chanelling clues to current occupants.

    I’m less fond of Ametyville-like horrors. Sure I watch them or read them, but give me a troubled soul or even a group of pranksters over mean spirits any day! Hopping over to sign up for your e-zine, Jessie. Great post!

    • Thanks Gloria! Let me know how the e-zine sign up works. It will be good to have a different perspective on the site. I get bogged down in the nitty gritty of getting all the guest posts and team posts in on time as well as updating all the pages. I appreciate your support as well. I’m so lucky to have such good cross-country buddies!

  3. Okay, new idea for our retreat that WE WILL HAVE SOMEDAY. I’ve already mentioned The Stanley Hotel, but a haunted castle in Scotland would do nicely. One condition. Must have a suite. I am not sleeping in a room alone.

    Turn WOO HOO U into BOO HOO U!

    Jessica, you and Hillary have a great little idea with the freebie posts. I hope it grows and grows!

    • Thanks Sherry! It will grow, eventually. I am really unsure about sleeping in haunted hotels. One of our other team bloggers on Paranormal Freebies, ML Guida, writes about the haunted locations. Brrr! Give me a modern space with no ghosts and I’ll be happy!
      And yes! We will have the retreat, someday. Life has just gotten so hectic. I am going on a CRW writing retreat this weekend. We should all plan to go to something like that. CRW puts on a good retreat and they keep the hotel cost low and the actual retreat is free! I sure hope my room does not turn into BOO HOO U!

  4. ooo Congrats! Thanks for stopping by my blog too 🙂

  5. Wow! I’m so glad that you were inspired! Loved your blog post! Woot!

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