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Today I am happy to introduce my friend and fellow CRW author, Summer Mahan. Summer is a talented author who writes a variety of genres from historical to paranormal. She has her own site, but where you will really find her is at Her Story Calls a blog she shares with four other fabulous authors. Welcome Summer!

Is Paranormal For Me?


First off, thank you Jessica for having me her, I’m super excited to hang with you on this wonderful blog! Let’s give a round of applause to a fantastic hostess and her website!

Today, I wanted to share with you how I decided to write paranormal. Now I know not everyone can write paranormal, shoot, not everyone can read the genre. And that is OKAY. I wanted share my own personal experience on how I came to love paranormal.

I’m a serious book a day reader turned writer. As a reader I started running out of books that could capture my attention from the first page and keep me reading late into the night. I had to venture out of my safe historical world. I picked some of my favorite authors, Christina Dodd and Jayne Ann Krentz, and tried their paranormal worlds.

I loved them! I started devouring more at a rapid rate.

Then I started getting an idea. Yeah, we’ve all experienced that ‘bing’. I grabbed pen and paper and started.

I love Mythology. Be it Greek, Roman, Native American, or Celtic. I love stories about robust heroes and strong woman who caused wars and shaped cultures and ideals with such emotion where readers ten centuries later are still weeping and cheering for their causes. I admit my passion is the Celts.  A people whose origins spread from all across Europe to Ireland. Caesar wrote of them as did Diodorus Siculus, stating them as savage barbarians, pagans, and uncultured. But take this lightly for those were the accounts of men wishing to rule over the race to steal their wealth and lands.

Anyway, I fell in love with the fierce people who sacked Rome and drove Caesar out of Britain. Then I broadened my ideas and started asking those unexplained questions like who were the Picts, the race in Northern Britain before the Celts. (Hadrian’s Wall was built to keep them in Scotland.)

Or what about the mysterious people who made Stonehenge and why did they leave?

Those questions resonated deep inside of me. And then those two glorious words we all know-what if-started replaying through my brain?

What if, what if.

The problem, I wanted to look outside the box to unexplained powers. Yet, I was raised in a religion that was very narrow-minded and even thinking of more than one God or a different force was detrimental. To write about such a thing was horrifying. Severe censure and disapproval from my family stopped me.

But, not for long.

I couldn’t get those words to leave me alone.

Against everything I grow up with, I started writing the book of my passion. I wielded the research I knew with the ‘what if’ of what I didn’t. I no longer cared what others thought. I loved it. After all, I was writing the book for me. Cursed in Love, a 100,000 novel was written in three months. Letting go of the criticisms, worries and doubts freed me. I allowed myself to weave magic in me. My ‘what if’ became a world where warriors cast spells, fought for their country and had to become immortal assassins to a Goddess in order to revenge their decimated race.

So if you dream of creating wonderful worlds where enchantment overrides reason or uncanny gifts are more normal than not-perhaps paranormal is for you.

It sure is for me! I hope you’ll share some of your own tales on how you stumbled into the great world of paranormal.  A rich and awarding genre I would have missed if I hadn’t let myself dream.


BIO: I love to laugh. I adore sparkling conversation, wit, and charm. Reading is a pleasure one should indulge in at least once a day and writing is for the fearless.  I have an unhealthy obsession for Dt. Coke, list making, and counting my children. There are only three. But if you had twins…you would completely understand.


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11 responses to “Paranormal For Me?

  1. So excited you are here Summer! I love paranormal and I’m glad you decided to write it. I can’t wait to read what you write! Welcome to the blog. 🙂

  2. Summer, gifts are to be shared. Bravo for sharing yours.

  3. I read few paranormals, but you (Summer) and your talented host (Jessica) may draw me to the “dark side” yet. 😉 I loved the story of your journey and your bio summary.

    I, too, had to buck the “but, what would they think” trend when I chose Contemporary Single Title (snark, spark, steamy and you’ve got it!). What would friends, family, even DH think about learning I could THINK let along WRITE those scenes? Eventually, like you, I had to follow my muse. KUDOS!

  4. I love paranormal and urban fantasy, reading it and writing it. Thanks for sharing your story on why you decided to delve into the genre. I look forward to reading some of your paranormal work.

  5. Your book sounds intriguing, Summer. I’m with you. There’s something about Celtic mythology that calls to me. I love the Druids, the Fae, the Templars. I love being able to write about things that don’t happen in every day life. What if is a question with endless answers!

  6. Thank you Summer for a great thought provoking article. I’ve enjoyed having you on the site.
    Don’t forget to check out Her Story Calls where Summer is a regular contributor!

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