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For those of you just joining my blog I started the year stepping onto the board of life. Spinning the wheel and seeing where my little car would take me I drove straight into a class by Angi Morgan, author of Hill Country Hold Up (if you love suspense, you’ll love Angi’s books!) where I learned that first time authors have a world of things to do and no time to do them. Angi described her first year as an author as a roller coaster ride, thrilling, but scary.

Angi’s advice was to jump on the roller coaster now! What would you be doing if you were published? And she told us what she’d needed to do. Not only come through with edits for the accepted book, but whip out a synopis and a second book in record time. And the roller coaster continued with websites and promotion and all the things she’d never thought of doing before being published.

And that’s how I find myself in the predicament I am now, amazingly, astonishingly, awesomely busy. I love everything I do and dropping something is difficult. I am very active in my local RWA chapter CRW. I’m working hard on our OctoberFalling into Romance Tea. I am still juggling reservationist, but have a wonderful person to take it on after today. So that will leave me PRO liason and AOE co-ordinator.

Phew! Along with balancing two websites (if you haven’t checked out Paranormal Freebies, please do so HERE), my crazy self-imposed goals for writing, oh yeah, the dog and the family, I have loaded a lot on my plate. But I’m winnowing it down.

And then I came across the Third Writing Campaign! Seems easy, right?

Just check out the 25+ blogs in my group, and accept the three challenges.

Well I couldn’t leave it there? Could I?

I have added in Kerri Cuevas Choose Your Own Adventure to my plate. But how could I resist? I loved those books as a kid. It was like writing your own story. You would start the story, and it would be about you. Something terrible would happen and at the end of the chapter would be those magical words: If you  choose to stay and fight, go to page five. If you choose to run out the door, go to page twenty-two.

Well, what would you do?

Read them over and over and over, till you had the entire thing memorized. I still see them sometimes in used bookstores. Well read, but still chugging along. So I had to jump on Kerri’s train and I’m thrilled to announce that we’re about to start working on our very own choose your own adventure!

You can check out the list of nineteen intrepid bloggers and authors who will be writing this adventure with me HERE, and I hope when the time comes you will all be adventurous yourselves on October 23, 20011 and go to Kerri’s blog and see what happens when the reader gets to choose!

Did you read these as a child? Share with me if you did and if you didn’t what fabulous books held your attention when you were young?

And don’t forget to check back Monday for Moonday Madness with guest blog by Summer Mahan!


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6 responses to “Embarking on a New Adventure

  1. I did NOT read those books as a child, Jessie. But, I wish I had.

    I read before I knew the alphabet–a lofty endeavor. Not interested in an explanation? STOP! Skip to the next comment. 😉

    As the second in a family of five girls (the first four a year apart each), I once asked Mom how she dealt wiith all the diapers. I assumed she had at least three when daughter number four was born-ages three, two, one, and newborn. She told me she had each of us potty-trained before the next one arrived. She plunked us on one of those toilet-topper-potty-chairs, gave us a book, and went about her business until we took care of ours. ACK! No seatbelt rules in THOSE days!

    It’s time I reclaimed my childhood. I’ll catch you over at Choose your own Adventure!

    • I love it! Your mom created potty trained kids and readers at the same time! Smart woman!

      We don’t start the choose your own adventure yet, I’m just excited about it! I haven’t even written my piece yet, but I’m itching to get writing!

  2. Holy bat caves, Robin! And I thought I was busy! Question is, are you happy with it all? If so, you go, girl. If not, well, you know what to do. I get to overloading because I just have so many things to do and try and my time is shrinking.. Yikes! I have to go write!

    • Happy with it? Not quite. I’m waiting for some of it to off-load. Reservationist is almost off my plate as is the October tea. Then things should settle down a little. I’m also having to be really tough on deadlines and organization just to keep my head above water. And I am getting very good at saying “NO”. But I’m almost there! Just a few more strokes and I’ll be able to see the shore!

  3. Hey Jess,

    Slow to show up but I’m here at last. I had to let a few things go so I feel your sorrow. And it was sorrow. When we build something, we invest a little bit of our soul. In January, I had to say goodbye to coordinating and hosting coffee house readings, something I co-created with talented author Brandon Pitts. In August, I bid a quiet farewell to Wildflower. But those experiences built my confidence as well as my audience, and I will carry that confidence as I move forward.
    Kudos for knowing how long to hang on and when to let go.

    • Thanks Sherry. I think that knowing how to balance life and commitments is something it can take years to learn. Being a recovering procrastinator I have to stay on top of thing all the time, so I don’t slip and put things off till too late. I now have become the opposite, the early bird!
      It sounds like you’ve made some difficult decisions, but we only have so much time in our lives and while there are periods where we let things slide to take on other things, there does come a time when we need to face facts and eliminate some favorites from our life. Congrats on making those decisions and moving forward with confidence.

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