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Do you remember sitting around the fire, in the dark, telling scary stories?

In honor of the Third Writers Platform-Building Campaign I’m opening up my blog to all commenters. Did you ever try a round robin? Where one person starts a story and the next person adds a line, then the next? Well if you didn’t, now is your chance. I’m starting the story off, each reply should extend it. I’ll wrap it all up at the end of the day.

The fire crackled and popped, putting out so much heat that Rachel’s face burned, but her back stayed icy. She’d never been anywhere this cold or dark or remote. But Chad had wanted to show her the back range of his ranch. When she’d agreed, she’d thought they’d be staying in a nice cozy cabin, but when they got there she realized they only had a tent.

“Is the moon going to come out?” No bathroom and just a flashlight. She wanted the moon to help her find her way to the bushes in the dark.

“Nope, no tonight the moon stays dark.” He pulled her closer. “We can see the stars better.”

It was a hopeful statement. Dark clouds scudded across the sky and the wind had picked up. Rachel shivered.

She’d never been anywhere this quiet. Then….

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12 responses to “Campfire Ghost Stories Round Robin

  1. she felt a cold hand inching up her back. At least it felt like a hand but maybe….

  2. But maybe it wasn’t just the wind as a whispered growl came from behind her. she turned, but only saw fog and beyond that darkness.

  3. The world felt different in the dark. Cold. Hostile.

  4. No, though it was chilled as a bitter November wind, it was a hand. Fingers, definitely, yet something wasn’t right. Hard fingers, jabbing fingers spider-crawled up her spine, then tinkled along the edge of her neck like Liberace practicing his scales. Hard, so hard, like nails. Or bones!
    A skeleton hand!
    Rachel reached back, grasped the ghostly fingers and shook them with out the courtesy of a how-do-you-do. Snap! The wrist disengaged, the forearm trailed down her backside and landed with a thud. The fingers were locked in hers. Another shake and they landed in the fire. Rachel jumped up and screamed, pee-pee danced around the fire like a native begging for rain.
    Chad looked at her in surprise. “Rachel! What have you done?”
    “Wha-wha-what have I done? The-the-the skeleton hand! In the fire!”
    Chad looked at her with disgust. “Girls. Are all of you so squeamish?”
    Chad leaned on his right arm, pulled himself up, bent toward the fire, scooped up the skeletal hand. When he turned, the the heat of the fire had melted the flesh from his skull. “You’re in danger, Rachel.” His teeth clacked when he spoke. “Danger of ruining a perfectly good evening.
    Rachel leapt back, a scream captive in her throat. She tripped on the arm, ripped loose from the hand when she grabbed it, and ripped loose from its body.
    Chad’s body.
    The left sleeve of Chad’s hoodie hung from his shoulder. “SCREEEEEEE!” Rachel screamed till her voice ran dry, but her feet wouldn’t move. Chad stepped toward her, but still, her feet would not move.
    “I’ll be taking that, if you don’t mind.” Chad snatched up the bones, snapped the hand to the wrist like he was putting together a lego skyscraper, then slipped the arm up his sleeve. A slide, a pop, a snap. He patted his left shoulder with his right hand. “There we go, good as new.”
    Rachel’s knees knocked, her first movement. Maybe she could run.
    Twigs snapped behind her. Someone to rescue her. She was safe.
    “Oh-oh,” Chad said.
    Rachel felt relief tingle in her frozen limbs. Relief gave her back her voice. “Oh-oh is right, Chad. I’ll be going now. You’ll have to find some other girl to frighten.”
    Rachel turned, ran toward the shadows creeping through the trees.
    “Oh-oh for you, Rachel,” Chad called out. “Oh-oh for you because I thought I’d have you all to myself, but now my friends are here.”
    Rachel peered into the shadows. The images came closer.
    Her voice became a squeak. “Oh-oh.”

  5. Suddenly she was plunged in darkness.
    ‘Has the fire gone out?’ She amazed herself with such a coherent thought after what had just happened.
    ‘Am I dreaming?’
    Rachel felt her heart race, her lungs ached from breathing too fast, the cold night air seemed to freeze the sweat on her skin. All this seemed rather real. One doesn’t usually feel that much in a dream, right?
    She tried to willingly and consciously open her eyes. They felt open. She could sense the movement of her eye-lids as she blinked. And yet, there was just darkness all around her.
    Darkness without any sound at all, safe from the little noises with which Rachel’s body betrayed her fear.

  6. Wow! So SCARY! And we now have at least two different threads, so pick a thread and reply to that one. Kerri said it was like her choose your own adventure on her blog, and it is now! Choose your thread and keep on writing!

    • Oh, I didn’t intend to create a separate thread, sorry. It just looked like everyone else who added something so far did so with a new comment, instead of replying to an existing addition … so I did the same.
      At least it looked to me like the parts worked well with each other so far and I hoped mine would work as continuation of Sherry’s.

      • It’s not you! All new commenters go through an approval process, so I had two to approve at the same time. Now that you are approved you don’t have to go through the process. It was completely accidental, but I love it! That’s what happens with live writing!

  7. Rachel plunged into the edge of the forest, desperate to escape Chad, desperate to stay ahead of his friends. Without the light of the fire, she bounced off of trees and rocks in a bloody game of pinball, Chad’s fun house laughter chasing after her like an evil clown. The noises she’d heard before, noises from the dark edge of her unconscious, came closer until she thought she could feel them touching the edge of her windbreaker with their boney fingers.

    She hit something hard and bounced off, landing on the ground with a hard thud.

    The dark heavy clouds scudded away and Rachel could now see in the brilliant starlight that she’d run straight into the wall of a cliff. No way up. She turned.
    Chad was there, his skeletal hand reaching for her.
    “No where to run, Rachel”
    Rachel darted glances left and right. She was ringed in by Chad’s buddies, their eyes glowing green in the starlight, Their arms were outstretched reaching for her trembling body. .
    She opened her mouth to scream.
    No sound came out.

    They never found a trace of Rachel Biggins. The newspaper reported she’d run off and left her boyfriend Chad, sad and lonely. They say you can still hear him out in the woods on dark overcast nights, calling for her, “Raaaa-chelll.”

  8. Thanks everyone for participating! I had fun and I think I’ll do it again for next year’s Third Writing Platform Building Campaign! If you liked this, keep an eye out for Kerri’s choose your own adventure on Craft Junkie .

  9. Jessica, Love your ending. Raaaaa-chellll!

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