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Hi all. It’s been a busy few days. Today is the CRW mini-con, last night was my investment club (The Queens of Green) and the first part of my week was taken up with getting back into the swing of fall. Fall is the time when my year starts. (I know it’s weird.) Everyone’s schedules change, summer is over and the world picks up its pace.

This year I am starting my fall by regressing. I am going back to the paper Franklin Planner. Unfortunately  the Franklin Planner doesn’t start its year till January, but with the difficulty I have getting things together, it might take that long to purchase binder and date filler, so in the meantime I have a cheapie daytimer that doesn’t have near enough room for my to-dos filling in the space.

Why am I going back to paper? Why not fork out the money for a smart phone and hot sync it to my email and calendar aps? Well, besides being terribly cheap I’ve found that the action of physically writing down what I need to do helps it stick in my memory. And boy do I need some memory super-glue.

I’m great on regular happenings, or very unusual got-to-do-it now deadlines, but it’s the somewhat important, but not a regular activity that slides through my brain. Maybe it’s because I’d rather be writing than doing anything else. Maybe it’s because I can’t hold everything in there at once, but somehow I miss out on things that are important. The brain just can’t hold on to everything.

Then there is the to-do list. I have a tremendous list of to-dos. I have long-term goals and short-term goals. Winner goals and Superstar goals. Thanks to Margie Lawson’s Defeating Self-defeating Behaviors I am able to recognize when my goals are unproductive and change my goal-setting to suit my needs (see this weeks Moonday Mania for details). But I still need to write them down. And like Margie says, there is something satisfying about physically checking off those to-dos with a red pen.

So I’m back to the paper planner, and one that is focused on goals. Yearly goals drive the monthly goals that are separated into daily goals. Just like my Writing GIAM goal setting loop. Just like writing a book. Goodbye technology, and hello pen and paper!



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6 responses to “Fix your Brain Drain Today!

  1. I am with you, Jessie, in re: writing my goals down. Pen and paper. Good grief, I’m tied to my laptop so much, it feels RIGHT to list my to-do’s and schedule them in reasonable chunks for the day, the week, the month…

    Am I good at achieving said goals? Depends on who you ask on any given day. Do NOT ask Sherry Isaac (CP and WL Nurse Kratchett) EVER. Do not ask my husband. EVER. Hmmm. Ask me. I’ll put “answer Jessie” on my to-do list.

  2. I’m with you, Jessica, as far as technology goes. Paper seems to catch my attention better. I also find a check-in with like-minded-goal-setting friends works well! Good luck!

    • Thanks Sharon. I think they’ve done studies and there is actually a better learning curve when students use pencil and paper and go through the action of writing things down. Its like it writes it in the brain too! And I agree with the goal setting friends. I am so happy to be a member of a goal setting group called Writing Gaim where our main function is sharing and setting goals. In fact, its Monday today and I need to get those weekly goals posted!

  3. Fall??? You must live in the States where school goes back in so early. Here in Canada, we’re still eating and breathing summer and, frankly, I’ll be glad when the cooler weather of fall slips down from the glaciers and my body revels in socks! Loved the leaves picture, though.
    Lists? They are needed, for sure, but not with everything on them. The purpose is to help us accomplish our goals. If we put too much on the list, it seems impossible to accomplish. I have two sets: little everyday 3-inch square bits of paper with my day’s intentions and another longer term computer file which I only visit every couple of weeks. Deleting things I have done is a joy.
    On the plane back from Newfoundland in June I wrote an iPad list of 30 things to work on. At last count, I had half of them done. Pretty good for two months, as they were big projects. Now I know why my summer has been so darn busy.
    As you can see, Jessica, you made me think today. Thanks for that. 🙂

    • You are so right Elaine, it is still summer here, but Fall was on my mind because of school starting. I always feel my New Year starts in the Fall, hence my running out to purchase 15 month calendars as soon as September looms. I love the daily checking off of things. So much that I’m with Gloria on the adding in the things you’ve already accomplished so you can put a bright red CHECK! next to them. And my brain also requires lists, otherwise very important things slip through the cracks. Hence my new Franklin Planner! So happy!!!!

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