Spooky Tales of the Haunted

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From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!

Scottish Prayer

When I hear stories such as Sherry Isaac’s tale (click HERE to read) of a visit from her sister who couldn’t possibly have visited, the little hairs on my arms all stand at attention.

A good ghost story, told well has always had that effect on me. Tension grows as the story spins out. And the spooky thing about ghost stories is that when it’s over, the tension lingers. It stays with us as we gather our things and head off into the night. It creeps into the tent and slides beneath the covers. We become the haunted.

Lights turn off and on when no one is touching them. Things move. All the nerves in your spine tell you something is behind you. And you turn. And there’s nothing there, but the cat whose entire body is puffed out screaming, “Didn’t you see it!”.

I’m one of those people who loves to read tales of the haunted. I love to hear personal stories, but you won’t catch me asking for the haunted room at the inn. That I leave to the brave who actually want to see the ghosts. The spirit spelunkers who delve into that other realm searching for proof that  ghosts exist.

I don’t need proof. I’ve had it. I’ve had brushes with the supernatural on dark nights in downtown Boulder. Places where the ghosts should have been long gone, but weren’t. We were lurking in leafy streets of the residences just off of Pearl Street, by the old elementary school on a dark October night when we should have known better than to go searching out ghosts.

You too may have this happen. Historic Boulder has a ghost tour in October and it happens at night. You take a map and walk in pairs through poorly lit streets and go from historic house to historic house hearing the stories of the architects and the families that have gone before. And in addition they also tell you the tales that are not public record. The experiences of the people who still live in the houses and their encounters with the previous residents.

It was on one such tour that a friend and I waited on the porch for the previous group to vacate. And while we were there, something dark touched my shoulder, My friend felt it too and we moved over away from the spot on the porch where there was definitely a dark presence.

That presence stuck with me all through the night as we walked through the neighborhood. While we walked from door to door like overgrown trick-or-treaters, ringing door bells and receiving tricks with our treats it hung on like a heavy over coat resting on my back. Dark and heavy, not cold, but very uncomfortable.

It makes my back creep just to think of it.

Why do we court the supernatural. Why do we want to be scared, thrilled or frightened. What is it about the human race that we chase down experiences that when we have them, we don’t every desire to have again?

Have you ever experienced a haunting? Do you believe in ghosts, past or present? Leave your story of the unexplained in the comment box. I’m dying to read them.


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4 responses to “Spooky Tales of the Haunted

  1. It creeps into the tent and slides beneath the covers! EEEEE! Jessica, it’s morning, sun is pouring in window, and you have me looking over my shoulder. Spirit Spelunkers – love it – tho like you, I won’t ask for the haunted room. A small part of me wants to, but the bigger part of me says, let someone else do it, then tell them tell me the story!

    • At Rom Con this year you could spend a little extra and go spend the night looking for ghosts in Estes Park at the Stanley Hotel (setting for The Shining). I hear it was pretty freaky! They all had those monitors you see on tv and they turned off the lights and went to all the haunted rooms late at night. I’ll be staying down the road at the Lazy 8, Thank you very much!

  2. Ooooh. I read Sherry’s THE VISITOR multiple times. I kept thinking “nice descriptor, clever, how did she think of that?” for the first bit. Then all think-like-a-writer slipped away when I go to the part where…

    Nope. No spoilers.

    Great post, Jessie! Your description of your experience on the ghost tour gives me that skin-tingle, hair-fritz visceral. Be glad I wasn’t along on the tour. I would have fun screaming for the closest SBUX. I have NOT had any encounters with ghosts, but I do NOT disbelieve in them. I’m afraid to. One might haunt my house to prove me wrong.

    Last note — intentional or not — closing a post about ghosts with “I’m dying to read them.” is a Margie HAPPY FACE Woo-Hoo! Is it clever or bravado or both? Inquiring minds are NOT dying to know. 😉

    • You always make me smile! 🙂
      thanks for the Margie kudos and I think you would have been a blast on that tour. We’ll have to do a haunted tour together sometimes, you’ll draw all the fun ghosts with your humor!
      I can’t wait for my copy of Storyteller to arrive! I keep checking, but its not here yet. Maybe today!

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