Why I Love Decimating Alpha Men

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I write Alpha men. Alpha with a capital A. From my warrior turned forest ranger in Little Red Riding Wolf, to my dark huntsman in The Queen’s Huntsman all my men share one characteristic. They are Alphas. Dominant confident Alphas who finally meet their match when they meet their mates and  find out they can’t push their way through every situation.  Men who finally face their worst fear, that they must expose their vulnerabilities to win the battle. The classic Alpha male dilemma.

I write Alpha men because I love the deep dark silence of the broody man who can’t express his feelings. I love their macho tenancies to push women, even tough capable women, out of the way of danger. And the way they hate apologizing afterwards. Because they know they’re right even when they’re wrong.

Alpha males will take on anything, face anything, if their hearts are in it. They carry men for miles over rough terrain, just so no one gets left behind. They can have rough and tough buddies just like them who they drink beer and thump each other on the back with blows that would knock another man down. Or they can be men of solitude. Men who ride alone, men in dark leather on motorcycles. Men most people would avoid.

Alpha males don’t cry, they don’t say they love you and they don’t talk about what they feel inside. These men tend to be inarticulate, so when they go to the supreme effort to speak about their feelings, you know they’re desperate.

And that pulls my heartstrings every time.

Give me the man of few words, but the man of action. A man who will crawl across burning coals for the woman he loves, but won’t say he loves her until he faces the utter decimation of his heart.

That’s the guy for me.

Why would a modern woman like a man who can’t share his feelings, will always think women need protection, and acts like your basic neanderthal? The process of change. I love watching men go through the shift from needing no one to being entwined with someone. From being strong to being vulnerable. I like to watch them go down, break down until they reveal the small boy hidden underneath.

There is nothing sexier than seeing a tough man, an Alpha male expose his inner heart for the woman he loves. For ever afterward when you see those big muscles, that über-warrior you know, he’s got a marshmallow heart.

Do you love Alphas or are you a beta woman? Leave a comment and tell me why.


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19 responses to “Why I Love Decimating Alpha Men

  1. You have such an eloquent way of explaining my exact feelings. I’m a alpha girl myself. The harder the alpha hero falls when he discovers his need, the more I love it. Great post.

  2. Hi Jessica! I had trouble commenting yesterday but today I got in. The link from your email didn’t work for some reason.
    Alpha men. Wal, I don’t know, missy, I cain’t even get my tongue around that furrin soundin’ word. Next ya’ll be ‘spectin’ me to unnerstan’ the whole alphabet. It’s all Greek ta me. Ya know? But, jist so’s ya remember, my man is gentle and kind an’ I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ah shore don’ need no bigger’n-his-britches fellah that has ta be taken down a peg. Not that ah couldn’t do it. Jist nicer this way.

  3. My alpha male is the same. Every once in a while, the armour cracks and his love shines through in his own way. He’ll check my tires, my oil, my washer fluid before I head out on a road trip. He’ll even polish my headlights. When I got the call that Homecoming finaled in the Maggie, and he caught the drift of what a big deal it was (’cause romance is so not his thing, never mind romance writing), he not only encouraged me to go to the conference, but made a study of competing airline fares.
    And he’ll grill steaks on the barbecue in the middle of a blizzard. Now that’s love!

    • Yes indeedy! Taking on the weather for his woman, the modern day alpha at work. He sounds like my kinda guy. They don’t use words to express their love, but actions, oh my! And still happy dancing on you and Gloria Richard making the Maggie finals!!!

  4. I am with you, Jessica. I love the alpha male too. I fell in love with Jamie Fraser in Diana Gabladon’s books and love every one of Karen Marie Moning’s heros.There is nothing sexier than a capable man, one who makes decisions and believes his job is to protect a woman. I love the conflict that erupts when he comes up against his match. She shakes up his world, drives him crazy, and he falls so hard for her. Makes for a great love story, I think!

    • Oooh! Love Jamie Fraser. I was talking to some authors at RomCon and one of them said a publisher made someone change their hero’s hair color because red wasn’t sexy. Bet they never read about highlanders! Sexy has more to do with attitude, you don’t even have to have hair to have it. Alpha Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) on Gray’s Anatomy, is just one example. Alpha is in the attitude.

  5. I love writing Beta men! There, I said it! Lol! Usually it’s my female characters who have a hard time expressing themselves and it’s those sweet, sensitive guys that draw them out. *sigh* 😉

    • That sounds like a great read too! I love reading Beta men in other genres, but I’m not sure I’ve ever read one in paranormal. I think I may have to write a paranormal beta hero, eventually. Meanwhile I’m wallowing in the angst and then take a break and read those yummy contemporary betas!

  6. sherrysoule

    Well, the Alpha male is attractive, brilliant, a little dangerous, sexy, charismatic and somewhat ruthless. He is of course great in bed, but not always interested in being tied down. He loves fiercely and would probably make a good husband, but he’s usually wounded and will emotionally distance himself from a woman who makes him feel too much. He knows that he is gorgeous but it just another asset he uses. For example, Spike (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer), Dean Winchester (SUPERNATURAL), Eric NorthmanThis is a featured page(True Blood) or Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries).
    Sherry Soule Official Website

    Author of the Spellbound Series

    • I never thought of Spike as being an Alpha male. True he has all those things, but he starts of so beta. And his background is very beta. I’d almost say by the end of the series he’s an alpha, but at the beginning I just didn’t see him that way. Eric, of course is an alpha. No doubt. Interesting the vamps you picked.

  7. Although there’s something to be said for your Basic Geek Guy, too–Antryg Windrose in Barbara Hambly’s Silent Tower books is um, well, I surely wouldn’t mind taking him home, except I have my very own chemistry teacher here already. So what if they treat the Kama Sutra like a tech manual? The heroine gets the benefit of working through it with him, after all.

  8. I like a man with a spine.
    (Teeth, too. He’s gotta have teeth.)
    But I think there all types of dominant characteristics that can be alluring–the intellectual alpha gets me every damned time, even if he is “weak” in other areas. Look at Sherlock on Elementary: he’s broken, mentally and physically, but he’s got ego and brains, and that makes him charismatic.

    • LOL on the teeth comment! Elementary, that’s a series I haven’t watched. I do watch the new BBC Sherlock series, as well as Perception and the Mentalist. All goodlooking, clever, men! I like smart men too. It’s good to have someone to talk to when the lights are low.

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