Rom Con

Sensational Saturday

Saturday’s are the day when I tell it like it is. Tell you what’s going on in my life. Today I am heading back to Rom Con 2011 for an another amazing day of romance authors and readers. My only wish is that I was a little more awake.

I don’t sleep well in hotel rooms and I don’t sleep well away from my husband, so the easy drive and savings made it an easy decision to not get a hotel room. Boy was that a mistake.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s been nice coming home and touching base. Watering the garden and petting the dog. But, I’m just as tired as if I’d stayed at the hotel. And I’m missing out on some of the really fun stuff. Like the partying after hours in the bar.

Now it may just be that I’m meeting all the fun people there, but I can tell that after the Paranormal games and the sexy man candy models  go to get their beauty sleep, that the bar becomes the place to be. The author’s I’ve met: Jessa Slade, Shannon K. Butcher and Erin Kellison seem like very fun people. And I’m sad to be missing out on the un-structured part of the event.

Tonight I ‘m thrilled to be attending Saturday Supernatural Supper, but them I’m driving the thirty minutes back home. Oh well, next year I’m getting a hotel room. I’ll be partying it up at the bar and in the rooms with the authors and my fab new friends. Maybe you’ll come join us!

Now back to coffee. If I don’ t comment on your post till Monday, I’m at the Supernatural Supper waving!


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7 responses to “Rom Con

  1. Supernatural Supper – sounds like fun! I’m with you in ‘spirit’, Jess.

    • Wow, you are a fast responder Sherry! I’m not even done with the coffee yet. I did meet a fellow Toronto dweller. Ann Lethbridge writes Regencies for HQN. She is a delightful person and I’m thoroughly enjoying her book. She’s been published for approximately ten years and she hosted an intimate lunch. Rom Con is wonderful for close encounters with authors. Very different (I hear) from RT. See I”m covering all the genres!

  2. You go, girl! Have a great time. And next time dive in with both feet. I missed out on a few things at my last conference for similar reasons. Next time, I go alone and meet and greet all I can.

    • Hi Elaine,
      One of the best things RomCon has is its buddy program. You get to meet a few friends and an author and that way you get started meeting people right away! My buddies were terrific. Author Jessa Slade was wonderful! It was nice because one of my goals was to meet new people, and I started in on that immediately.

  3. Sounds like a good time, Jessica, and a good plan for next year. Schmooshing after hours is a great time to make those imperative connections too! Have a fabulous time!

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