Tarot, the Gateway to the Soul

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Pull out a deck of tarot cards and, like magic, you’ll have a group surround you. Everyone is fascinated by tarot. True believers desire to know their futures, while rabid skeptics expect you to show your flaws.

The gorgeous paintings and intricate symbolism are glossed over. Few really want to look at the details. What the hungry crowd longs for is to be fed. Fed a meal of the fantastic.

Or at least they think they do.

Watch as they shuffle, taking great care as they think of their question, watch their faces. See the concentration, the wrinkling of foreheads, the fierce frowns as they wonder if they are doing it right. They believe they have only one chance, one shot at hearing the truth.

But they don’t want the truth.

What the crowd wants is fun, frivolity, fantasy. They desire to be entertained. Tell them the truth: that they are will lose their job, that they are being betrayed, that they will die. Tell them the truth and see them deny. No, it can’t be right. You must be wrong.

The skeptics will say, “See, I was right. This is just a sham!” and leave. The true believers though, they want you to read over and over and over again. Shuffle and lay the cards out because they must have missed something. You can’t have gotten it wrong.

And in fact you didn’t, and they know you didn’t. What you did was show them the inside of themselves. Their souls.

The cards reveal characters, plot lines and conclusions. It’s up to the reader to make the crowd believe. Like readers turning the pages of a paranormal novel, if you don’t make them believe, help them see, they won’t stay. They’ll demand their money back and never come again.

As with any form of entertainment, you’ve got to give ’em what they want. Or at least make them think it’s what they want. Show them the cards, reveal their truths, and help them undestand. Their lives are their. Laid out in pretty pictures. Loss, betrayal, death.

Free tarot reading at Lewellyn Publishing

Or, on second thought, palm that card and show them the next one. The happy ever after. The one that might be there if they wish hard enough. Turn the card and turn the page. Send out another happy customer.

Have you had your fortune told? Leave us the tale in the comment box. I’d love to hear your story.

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8 responses to “Tarot, the Gateway to the Soul

  1. I did get my fortune read at Estes Park in the mall. It was a very nice shop in a little corner no bigger than a broom closet. She picked up right away that I was a writer. She closed her eyes, told me to concentrate and she lifted her hands and did a typing motion. It was really awesome! I know I didn’t indicate what I did. Mysterious!

    • One of the most interesting ones I had told me I was going to a party that night. I argued, because I knew I wasn’t and she got very upset. We finally got home and there was a message that my sister was having a party that night on my machine!
      Needless to say I wished I could apologize to the poor woman. A whole day spent trying to convince people of things they don’t believe. What a job! Makes typing in that 3K sound easy!

  2. I’ve had my tea leaves read, and my palm, both just for fun, but never Tarot. For a great read that involves Tarot, I recommend Kate Mosse’s Sepulchre. There was an imaginary deck created for Kate’s book, more info on Kate’s site, which I’m going to visit right now. Distraction calls!

    • Great info Sherry. I’ll have to check out Kate’s site. There have been some great books about tarot as a plot structure. Piers Anthony’s Tarot series is amazing. Totally different from his YA. It takes place on a world called Tarot and the main character ends up interacting with the major arcana and Alastair Crowley. Very cool combo of off shoot of Wicca and Tarot in the same book.

  3. I think it would be fun to have my fortune told, but alas, I am still in the dark, blindly living with no idea how it’s all going to turn out. I love the way you’ve compared story writing to fortune telling, Jessica!

    • Thanks Sharon!
      But you’ve never had it done, not even once?? Wow! It may be a requirement for paranormal writing. They’re having palm readers at the rom con paranormal dinner. Fun, fun!

  4. Me neither, Jessica. Never had my fortune told, never gone bungee-jumping, never lived through a divorce. I am hoping that I make my own future and that one day, when I get to the end of my present existence, I’ll finally feel I’ve done everything important to me. Meanwhile I’m busy attracting the positive forces in the universe (see The Secret here?) and trying to nay say the negatives. Keeps me busy. I need another fifty years to do all this. LOL

    • Is there ever enough time? I believe you are making your own future. the more I read your blog the more I hear you attracting what you want into your life. The secret is to act as if its true and it will be true. That is certainly true for you!

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