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Today’s blog is the first in a series of four about how organization has saved me. The other three parts will run in August, after Sherrry Isaac’s guest blogging.

The blogging Karma has spoken. The other day found me talking with a friend of mine about stress and how it makes her sick and how she needs to cut it out of her life. We both agreed, modern people (especially women) think we need to do everything, do it well and get it done yesterday. And it’s killing us. Some of us end up obese and some with auto-immune disorders and some with shoe shopping fetishes.

Lo and behold the very next morning my friend Sherry Isaac sends me a link to More Cowbell and Jenny Hansen’s outlook on setting a goal to add “worry free writing time” to her list of to-do’s.

What’s this? A to-do on my writing list of killer goals that makes time for me as a person? Crazy. But obviously the universe is telling me something. All my over-stretched goals don’t help me become more productive, they just make me over-worked. Can goal setting actually help us become healthier? And I’m not talking setting weight-loss goals. I mean actual professional goals. Does your mental health require you to set professional goals that encourage you to nurture yourself?

Setting goals is part of my life. I set yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals. All in hopes of achieving my dream, publishing my writing. (Okay, earning some cash with said writing.) I love the process of goal setting. Purchasing new notebooks and writing things down thrills my inner organizer. But then the inner organizer runs up against the real me, the Procrastinator. And I get stressed.

There is no way I can do all of this. No way I can keep up with the day to day over-the-top goals I want to achieve. So how do I do it all? How do I become a paranormal writer extraordinaire, an amazing self-promoter and still survive?

Am I trying to become superwoman writer and achieve so much that I actually end up sabotaging myself in the process?

Jenny Hansen”s idea of adding “worry free writing time” to her to-do’s is amazing. It’s still a professional goal but it has the added benefit of not being something you can fail at. There are no word counts in worry free writing. No required three-character-sheets-by- the-end of-the-hour deadlines. No plot constrictions. It’s free. And freeing.

By adding one goal to your to do list that feeds your soul its like adding in time for meditation, exercise, or ice cream. Its something that you can relax and enjoy and get those endorphins flowing. And it is still a professional goal. Still one that you can use to drive your creativity. And one that might even improve your creativity while it lowers your heart rate. Amazing!

I’d love to hear how you free yourself within your goal setting. What kinds of goals can you think of that are within your profession, but not constrictive?


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15 responses to “Goal Setting Survival

  1. Jessica,

    From one crazy superwoman to another…thanks for this post! And for the linky love. I’ll be bookmarking this one to help remind me to keep my Type A alter-ego in line. 🙂

  2. One of the most helpful exercises I took from Margie Lawson’s DSDB course was goal-setting. I was never more productive than when I set weekly goals every Monday. The problem is I fell out of that habit, so I got a group together to help keep each other accountable. We fell apart within 2 months. Your post today, Jessica, is a reminder that before I start my week, I need to set those goals!

    • Hi Sharon,
      I love my goal setting group! (HI GAIMX’rs!) Even when we don’t do well, even when no goals are reached, its a supportive haven. (Which reminds me, its Monday and I’d better report in!). And I agree with you that Margie Lawson’s class is amazing. I’ve got the packet and I’m halfway through. The best thing for my over-achieving self is to set two types of goals, winner and superstar, that way I can still write down all my crazy goals, but still feel good when I at least hit my winner list. Then the superstar list is like gravy!

    • Sharon, you can share your goals with me. i will hunt you down if you don’t report. Why do you think Gloria and Carole live so far away?

  3. Good Morning, Jessica! Your post hits home with this recovering perfectionist. When I make my lists (and I don’t always do one) I add in things like eat healthy, walk at the walking track, dusting, as well as edit 50 pages, catch up on social media, organize my new photo–you get the idea. I think we have to keep the inner person healthy and happy and that means scheduling all sorts of uplifting things with the must-do writing chores. Of course, there is no lift better than printing out those edited pages!

    • Oh Elaine, listen to you! I love all those nurturing goals. I don’t usually put those on my list, even when I try to do them. I’m going to start so I can check them off with my red pen. Eat right, check! Exercise, check! Go out for coffee again with friends, check! My list will be long and accomplished!

  4. I started setting goals in DSDB with CC Carole and post DSDB CC Gloria. The three of us continue to share weekly goals. Along the line, balance was added to the list. Each of us addresses this in a different way, either listing life and home goals separately from writing goals, or, as I do, I summarize my happy hours (lunch with a friend, time in the garden, walk in the park) at the end of the week. All week, as I check my goals, balance is sitting empty – a daily reminder to do something so that I can honeslty report something other than banging on the keyboard.

    • What a great way to address the nurturing goals, leave a space empty so you can fill it up! The nice thing about this is you can do spur of the moment things like go out with a friend and if you want to plan something you have the blocks of time set aside.

  5. I’m a big checklist person too and it can definitely get overwhelming. Some time to write without the pressure sounds like the perfect antidote!

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