Rescue Me!

At the beginning of this year I took a deep breath and dove in. I started a blog. I didn’t know what I was going to write about, who would read it or even really what my purpose was in writing it. I just knew that I needed to do it if I was to succeed at a writing career. And it’s been a ton of fun. I’ve met new people and realized that, yes, I can do this every week. I have a lot I want to say. And a few people who want to listen. Amazing.

For those of you who have been following along, you know I took a class from Carolyn Cooper on author web presence. And even before that I began reading Kristen Lamb‘s book We Are Not Alone, both of which told me the same thing. I’m building a following of writers. Which is nice and lovely and I love each and every one of you! But I’m missing out on a group of people known as readers who don’t write. Crazy, I know. Doesn’t everyone write? Apparently not. So,  I’m about to enact change onto the site. You have been warned!

My first change will be to start a writers day and a readers day. This way I’ll get to keep my writer followers happy and maybe add some readers. Maybe some of you writers read too? Nah! I must be crazy.

I’ve already started blogging for writers on Monday, so I’m going to keep that and add Thursdays for paranormal readers. The problem is, I don’t have a sweet name for my individual blogs. Ashely March has Writer Wednesdays and we’ve all heard about Man Candy Monday. I don’t think it has to have the day of the week in it, but something catchy would be terrific.

So I’m opening it up to you all. I need you to leave any ideas for Mondays writer blog or Thursday’s paranormal reader blog in the comment box.  If I use your name there is a $10 either Borders or B&N gift card in it for you. Come on peeps, put on your thinking caps on and rescue me!


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17 responses to “Rescue Me!

  1. Thriller Thrombosis Thursday? Thrombosis commonly refers to clotting, but can also mean curdling. As in blood curdling scream…

  2. Monday’s Muse, The Muse on Monday, Monday Muses.
    Thursday’s Bite

  3. Or Thursdays Bite (which I originally intended, except my fingers insisted on the apostrophe).

  4. Hummm,

    Okay – your official blog lurker jumping in.

    When I think Monday I think coffee – as in I need it.
    So The Monday Perk, Monday’s brew, Caffeine press

    Thursday’s biggest lynch point seems to be it’s not Friday — and that just blows.
    (and it’s Paranormal day right?) Thursday’s Bite (vs Thursday’s Suck, but that’s kind of funny too, get it paranormal … yah moving on.) or Pre-Friday Posts.

    This might need more thought…

  5. Darn it, Carol thought of the Thursday Bite. Fine, I’m changing my suggestion to “Moon you on Thursday”

    Oh wait…now reading that back…

    • Hello my official blog lurker!
      Doing good, thinking cap on, but it sounds like you’re a long term creative person. No worries. I’m thinking we may need to run this contest for two weeks. I’m adding your stuff to the list as well. See, its tougher than you think. This is why I need help! I like the coffee idea! speaking of, going for some now.

  6. Kelly

    How about Mighty Monday Pen-Is Here? (Think about it and push the hyphenated words together..)

    This may be totally tasteless, but it made my twisted brain laugh out loud…:D


  7. Had a couple more from someone: I’m adding them here..

    Aspenrational Writing

    Jessica Aspen: Where the light and dark combine

    They are now on the list! Thanks!!!

  8. Great suggestions so far! =)

  9. How about The Weekly Jump Start!

    Mondays are always horrible to get oneself going.

  10. I’m still taking names till July 18th, so the contest is wide open! Leave new ideas for me for another week and if I use your name, win a prize!

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