Straggling Over the Finish Line

My class on Online Author Awareness with the phenomenal Carolyn Cooper that began as my Brave Adventure  is over, finished, finito. And as much as I strove to do it differently it has ended just like many of my online classes do. The marathon is over and I barely crossed the finish line.

I start a class full of good intentions. I will keep up! I will do all the homework! I will end this class at the top! But then life interferes and I’m barely keeping up with reading the messages, let alone the pages and pages from the file section. As moderator for a CRW class I have the responsibility to make sure everyone is having a good time and behaving nicely, so when I moderate I do make sure I read every message, just in case. And that is about all I could do by the end of this class.

While I fell behind somewhere between lesson six (Landing pages and squeeze pages) and lesson seven (the Neuropsychology of choice) I will have plenty of opportunity to catch up. I have all of the files on my computer and I’ve printed out everything but the last case study. I will learn this stuff if it kills me.

Am I unhappy that the class was chock full of relevant information? No! Am I unhappy that I will have reading for the weeks to come? No! Am I unhappy that I couldn’t keep up? Well yes, but not with the class. Carolyn was a fantastic teacher brimming with information and she has given it to me in a form that I can easily review and learn on my own time. She was incredibly participatory and helpful to everyone in class and if you are at all interested in this topic I cannot recommend a better person to learn from. Just don’t schedule anything else!

No, the failings in this case are all mine. I simply didn’t have enough time or energy. But I will now. I will review the last three lessons and make sure I understand them. I will apply what I have learned. And I am still excited about this topic. So excited in fact that I am considering doing it again! Carolyn and CRW are offerering a class in Analytics For Authors and I am excited! Another class where there will be tons of information on something I know nothing about. I’m in heaven.

Of course, now I know what analytics are and what they can do for me as a blogger, website owner, and author. But do I have a clue how to use them? Not really. A full class will help tremendously. Time to don the marathon equipment again, face the starting line and hope that this time I cross with flying colors and win!


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9 responses to “Straggling Over the Finish Line

  1. Good job, Jessica. You finished the class and you’re going to study for the final exam–your personal test, that is. Can you internalize, personalize, and actually use the course material. That is our test. It is so exciting when we as adults learn because we know the benefits of the material and find ways to use it all.
    Here’s to you going back over your course materials and really owning them!

    • Thanks Elaine,
      Learning, I love. Technology, not so much. I realize much of that is because I am a techno-illiterate. I’m the person who can’t figure out her cell phone! But I am learning, and funnily enough, I love it! I don’t feel like I’m anywhere close to knowledgeable, but I’ve gone from the person who couldn’t figure out how to get a header on the first page of my ms and not my title page to the person who will be able (someday) to edit my own website! I am at the muddling through stage, but I feel that when we check in next year, I’ll feel less like a neophyte and more like and apprentice, maybe move up to journeyman?
      And yes, I agree with you. I love taking classes as an adult, wish I got paid to do it! Of course now I get to pick what I want to learn, that is always a plus!

  2. Wow, I love the depth of your blog. I’ll be following along on your journey. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I hear you, Jessica. So many great things about learning through online classes, including learning at your own pace. Lectures can be filed and stored in case life gets in the way, as it often does. If it doesn’t, an online class can be a little like getting out of the house for a bit, without ever changing out of your jammies. And you never know who you might connect with!

  4. Kudos to you! You’re tapping your Steely Self Discipline!

    I’m impressed!

    Big hugs…………….Margie

    • Thanks Margie! DSDB has helped me quite a bit! I make my lists and check them off, and am trying not to beat myself up when I make them too overwhelming. Just push it on over to the next day! I love setting near impossible goals! 🙂

  5. Time, budget, and counter space are the three areas where, regardless of seeming plenty, I know I will run short. Since I’m packing this week, I’ll add space in the suitcase to the list. I feel the same way about online courses. My intentions don’t keep up with my available time. Great post.

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