The Dreaded Deadline

An amazing thing happened to me when I decided to become a pre-published author instead of an un-published author. Suddenly I had deadlines. Those crazy things that published authors are secretly proud to have, but all moan about, just so us newbies know what we are missing. Those things, they showed up in my life like small children tugging at my skirts. “Feed us.”

They pull and push. They yammer and yowl. Where did they come from? I don’t have an editor, agent or anyone demanding my work be finished on time. Where could these crazy demanding deadlines come from?

They came from me. When I decided to act like I was published my world changed. I became a person with a schedule and I set up goals for myself and along with those goals came the deadlines, wounded crafts in need of attention, tied to my hardworking goals tugboating along. Being the messed up over-achiever that I am, I set up many goals, big goals, demanding goals. So their deadlines were many and big and demanding.

Deadlines are necessary for anyone to achieve at a rapid pace. There is no way I would be here. When I look back six months ago I had no website, no blog, no business cards. No business calling myself an anything, let alone an author. But now I have multiple works in progress, several are “finished”, and I am getting my name out there. People know me. People I have never met and may never meet know me as an author. And I have the deadlines to thank.

If you set goals without deadlines your odds of achieving them shrivel to nothing. There is no reason to complete anything without those whiny children tugging at you, reminding you, needing you. You float out there in the someday realm, waiting for something to happen. Deadlines keep us on track, keep us focused. And when you hit them, you get the added bonus of not only moving further down your chosen path, but you also get the glow of success. You achieved a deadline. You are great! You are fantastic! You are the bomb!

So set those goals, but make sure you invite deadlines to the table, and stick to them. Okay, even if you don’t stick to them they can drive you forward, but if you don’t hit them you don’t get the bonus. You don’t get to do the happy dance and sing and say “I’m the bomb!”


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7 responses to “The Dreaded Deadline

  1. Morning, Jessica!
    I can really identify with your sentiments today; in fact, I have a self-set deadline of my own and must move on. Just wanted to second your thoughts. Have a great day!

  2. Jessica,

    You are the BOMB!

    It’s all in the attitude. How you perceive yourself will determine not only your behaviour, but how others perceive you.

    Its hard to sell yourself on what you’ve done and what you’re doing. Impossible to sell yourself on what you might do… someday…maybe.

    • Thanks Sherry!
      Its all because of meeting determined women like you who are much further along in their journey. Authors who light the way for the ones behind. So excited about your book debut next month!


  3. Jessica,

    I love your blog. I think when you believe you will be published, you will. I don’t if you ever read the book, The Secret, but it tells how believing changes your life. Keep believing!

    • Thanks Mary,
      I have read the Secret, but I read all that first from a little book by Deepak Choprah. Not that I necessarily applied it at the time. I don’t think it really sank in until I read a book about the Kabala that I really got the message. Thanks for the support. Its friends like you and all the wonderful CRW members that provide support, encouragement, and ideas that keep me going!


  4. I so agree with you, Jessica. Taking Margie Lawson’s DSDB course got me on track goal-wise. I am focused and productive when I start every Monday with my goals for the week. It’s a good feeling to know that when the contract comes, we are disciplined enough to meet deadlines!

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