To Tweet? Or not to Tweet…

Tweet, twafic, tweetastic. Oh the amazing world of twitter. Is it a waste of time, a way to expand your business or is it a new way to make friends? Whether or not you are a twitterer most people have heard of twitter and have an opinion. And they vary from being huge fans to being completely antagonistic.

As an author I have joined the twitterverse. I was a reluctant convert. Well, let’s face it…I’m reluctant to try many new internet things. But this is my year of living dangerously and so I joined the twitter landscapte a few months ago. I thought I would just get my name and drop the occasional tweet, but it turns out I like twitter. I’m a twitter fan.

Now, for any of you you follow me on twitter, you’ll know I’m not a frequent poster. But I like it. I like the little bite sized pieces I see of my friends days. I like the way people who don’t know me at all want to follow me! I miss it when I can’t post and when I can’t see what my tweeps are up to. I even find myself talking to my husband about it, “You’ll never guess what putpseudonymhere posted today!”

Will twitter advance my career? Will it be the place where I meet the agent of my dreams? Will readers flock to my tweets? Maybe, maybe not. But I’ll tell you what it will do. It will be the place where I get to see snippets of my fellow authors days, where we can get our social fix, and where I can see that there are other crazy people out there, just like me!


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8 responses to “To Tweet? Or not to Tweet…

  1. Mallory Snow

    Well said! You already know I’m a Twitter fan. 😉

    • You betcha! I see you all the time, and its great! I can see what you’re doing, what you’re working on, and get help with my website all in a one minute take. Gotta love that!

  2. Are you inside my head, or what? the only thing I would add is that I still don’t know all the lingo but I tweet every day. Love to read all the writing things out there in Twitter land

    • It is kind of funny that we are in the exact same place so often. Of course that is the beauty of the internet: people find the people with whom they have common interests. You know I feel the same when I read your posts! And as for not knowing…well, we’ll just have to see.


  3. I’m really feeling like a dinosaur. I couldn’t find a comment a friend left me on Facebook this morning and I don’t even have a twitter account. Thanks for giving me a nudge to get moving!

    • Hi Sharon,
      I get lost on facebook too!
      I love hootsuite. It helps me organize my twitter and facebook feeds so I can find things. Once you get over a few people on facebook it becomes daunting! Hootsuite is free and easy to use. Don’t worry about not being on twitter, it is easy and with hootsuite (I sound like an add) I’m not overwhelmed. Ashely March does writer wednesdays on her blog and she says twitter helps you get in touch with other authors while facebook is a great place to interface with readers. Set up a twitter account and just follow a few people to get the hang of it. Then when you are feeling lonely, follow more people and you’ll start seeing how it works. Joan Swan also has a great three part series on twittering on the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood (it was a few months ago, if you can’t find it let me know).


  4. Sherry Isaac

    Hi Jessica,

    Joan’s 3-parter on Twittering will be my ‘bible’ once I get started. Resistance is futile!

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